i am a sweat pink ambassador!

News sharing day came early!  WAHOOOOOO!!!

I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing this news!  I was contacted by Fit Approach a few weeks ago and I seriously thought it was a spam e-mail.  When I read it through, I still didn’t believe it and had one of my co-workers come in and read it as well.  BUT it was true!  What was the content of said e-mail?  The lovely women at Fit Approach read my blog, liked the content and liked my weight loss story.  They felt I could be a good role model for other women and inspire them to either get or stay active!  I know!  Isn’t that amazing?!  I may or may not have danced around my office a bit :)  You can go and check out their page/info by either clicking on the link above or the button the side.

What does being an ambassador entail?  I get to share my get-fit story on their page and then have other opportunities to get published on their site.  I also get to help spread the Sweat Pink love by dispersing rockin’ pink laces, wearing my Sweat Pink tank around (probably everywhere – beware friends, I may not wear anything else this summer!) and getting together with the other ambassadors to promote healthy living.  Oh yeah, and my bio will be part of their site soon.  Part of my dream of being an author is coming true – still can’t believe it’s happening!

These are the laces I’ll be giving away soon!  I first saw them on SkinnyRunner’s site and fell in love.  Fit Approach sent me two pairs for free a few months ago and I have been sporting them ever since.  I’m pretty sure they helped me knock my 6 miles out of the park at the Kal-Haven trail run.  Seriously, they totally boost my morale and I get compliments on them all the time.

This week all of the other new Sweat Pink Ambassadors have been e-mailing and let’s just say I am in the company of greatness.  We are from ALL OVER THE PLACE!  One super cool element of this?!  A place to stay for destination races! Haha, yeah, I am only partially kidding.  I can’t wait to get to know all of these women better, hopefully meet them in person but read all about them on Fit Approach and just know they are cheering me on from afar.  I plan on trying to high light at least one a week so you can get to know them too!

In other news, I decided to test out my egg allergy today since I didn’t have to go to work.  I took my friend, Emily’s advice to try some organic, cage-free eggs to see if this made any difference

I feel like my eggs are in a "glass case of emotion"

While I don’t feel AS terrible as I did last Saturday when I made myself a delicious egg sandwich feast, I also don’t feel like taking on the world.  I had some scrambled eggs earlier this week and the stomach ache didn’t last past 1 pm so that was okay.  Then yesterday I had oatmeal and I’m heartbroken to say, I didn’t feel like vomiting all over my office.  NOOOOO!  How can this be?  I am a the egg’s BIGGEST FAN!  How could they turn on me like this?!

perhaps my last egg sandwich... can we have a moment of silence?

Basically, I just need to suck it up and stock up on oats.  Eating breakfast is still an enormous part of my staying fit plan – when I skip it, I am starving all day.  I guess eggs will no longer play a major role in my diet.  I am going to try hard boiling them to see if this makes a difference but I have to face the truth, sad as it may be!

Hopefully, I didn’t lose you with my egg situation but I do think it’s important.  I have been feeling sick in the mornings for a really long time.  I have taken meds for this, suffered through it and blamed it on my own anxiety.  To realize, there most likely is an actual cause (using self-diagnosis, of course so some room for error) is important to me.  It’s nice to know I can take control over this – and it’s simple!  I mean, I started wondering if I had IBS or Crohn’s or something else terrible.  I feel pretty lucky.  It’s also making me re-examine my diet, which I haven’t done in a while.  I’m looking forward to some healthy results!

9 thoughts on “i am a sweat pink ambassador!

  1. Can’t wait to get to know you! I agree with having places to stay for destination races–haha. If you ever come to a race in Spokane you can stay at my house. :-)

    Bummer about the eggs. I took a long moment of silence for your last egg sandwich. I hope that you start to feel better soon!

  2. CONGRATS! This is super awesome and I’m really proud of you! Sucks about the eggs – I’m a fan as well, although not as much as you sounds like… Maybe take a week off eggs, and see how it goes, and then try them again once. Sometimes we just overload on one thing and we need a break. After that long of a break, you may be okay, and just have to eat them less often, or you may realize, “yep. its the eggs”. There are worse things to be allergic to, IMHO! :)

  3. I’m pleased as punch that you’re a Sweat Pink Ambassador—and I love that you’ve been rocking the pink laces for months already!

    Super bummer about eggs being your frenemy. :(

    • Hey Aim! You can also experiment with the “doneness” of the egg… hard boiled, quiche’s ..and actually sean poached some recently that didn’t bother me.. but it IS a bummer. Glad I mentioned it that they bothered me and now you don’t think you have some serious disease!!! <3

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