working toward a better ratio

I have been thinking about what today’s blog post would be about since last night.  I had several ideas but none of them really took formation.  I finally settled on writing on how today has been the start of healthier eating!  Yay!

But first, how come none of the wolves in Twilight wear shirts (because they are torn to shreds when they transform) but their pants don’t get ruined?  Stupid question I know but I still want to know if it’s explained in the books! ;)

seriously, the kid NEVER wears a shirt!

Alright, here is the deal with healthy eating… I do fairly decent in this arena, however, lately my eating habits have been a bit upside down.  Before I started losing weight, I would never eat breakfast.  I wasn’t hungry and then I would drink coffee.  Of course at around 2 pm I would be STARVING!  Then I wouldn’t stop eating the rest of the day and throughout the night.  Once I started eating breakfast, my metabolism started changing and I woke up HUNGRY!  My non-stop late night snacking was curbed and I started eating smaller meals to keep my hunger from spiking.  I had more energy and my mood was better, too.

umm... yes, this is TRUE!

I absolutely have not given up eating breakfast.  I am confident this will be a part of my lifestyle forever.  Lately, I haven’t been eating enough during the day though and then I am reverting back to snacking more at night.  Boo!  It took me a little while to realize this was happening, however now I can definitely make some changes.  I am not doing a good enough job of fueling for my afternoon workouts and then later in the evening I WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING!  Or I allow myself to think “well I did x amount of activity so eating this won’t hurt” but probably a few too many times.  Haha, definitely not the best decision!

after my first half

While training for my first half I realized “train gain” was a real thing.  First of all, I was very surprised – “how can I be GAINING weight!?”  I was also fantastically pissed off, haha!  Some of it was pure muscle of course but definitely not all of it.  My body also changed, which I wasn’t expecting either (yes, it’s okay to call me clueless!)  After the race, I got a little burned out on running but my eating never went back to pre-training.  Right now, I am training but I still feel my ratio is off balance.

The silver lining?  Before training I would have to eat like a bird to sustain my weight.  I thought I was happy doing this and maybe part of me was.  I would also weigh myself on a daily basis and allow this to either make or break my day.  I agonized when it said a pound more than the day before – definitely NOT a good thing.  Now, I have stopped weighing myself everyday.  I feel I am getting better at appreciating my shape!  Nevertheless, I felt more comfortable in a stronger and healthier body, which I am working toward.  Haha, oh yes, finding this balance will probably always be a work in progress but hey, at least I am learning!

I don’t have any real tricks or gimmicks about how to go about getting to this balance except to work hard, make healthier choices and recognizing my habits won’t change overnight.  Oh and drink more water and get solid sleep – these two will definitely help and are completely underrated!  Well, that’s all I have for today, over and out! :)

17 thoughts on “working toward a better ratio

  1. I am training for my 4th marathon and this is the first time I haven’t gained weight. I have been fluctuation between losing a few and then staying the same. I haven’t a clue why I haven’t gained this time, but I am loving it!

  2. I really relate to ‘train gain’! I find it hard to balance my increased appetite after long runs with what my body actually needs. I’m also not naturally muscular so do gain muscle when I run a lot. It’s one of those things I’ve come to accept as a trade off for running, and being fitter!

  3. I definitely relate to ‘train gain’. I am not naturally muscular, so part of it is gaining muscle with more running, but I also struggle to balance my appetite when I’m hungry after long runs! Getting the right amount and not too little or too much is surprisingly hard!

  4. Train Gain – yes a real thing. For me, finding the right balance is hard. This training season I think I lost muscle, and last year I didn’t lose anything. If you figure out the magic solution, I wanna know. :-)

  5. I am a “hard-gainer” meaning i have to eat every two hours in order to gain muscle when i’m strength training. Thank you for participating in the blog hop! i look forward to reading your blog! New follower from sister SPA!

  6. The train-gain is crazy!! You’d think: “HELLO! I just ran like a gazillion miles! No way would I GAIN weight.” Turns out– just as easy to gain weight if you’re consuming more calories than you’re burning, reguardless of how many miles you run. Finding the right balance is HARD. Can’t eat too little, can’t eat too much. I feel like Goldilocks!

  7. I gained weight during my marathon training (and I refuse myself during this tapering week) – but I decided it was muscle… I have a horrible night snacking habit too – I definitely eat the bulk of my calories for breakfast and then at night! I want to get it under control, but another part of me doesn’t want to obsess about it, since it seems to be working! I just need to make sure I don’t get too hungry during the day!

  8. Finding your balance is always the hardest part! I completely relate to this! And, I’m a night snacker! I would kill for some magic potion to put an end to it.

    But, I’m glad to see you’re not weighing yourself daily and instead focusing on the broader picture and how you feel overall :)

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