weird wednesday & a great mail day!

First of all, I am not sure if those of you that post comments can see when I respond back so I wanted to give a shout out to all of you!  Thanks for comments, for reading and making me very excited to check my e-mail after I hit “publish”! :)

Oh and guess what came in the mail today?!

too cute for words, eh?!

I am so thrilled about this tank!  My big race is coming up and I plan on suffering running it in this tank, some lovely pink arm warmers and then possibly my sparkle skirt.  Oh yes, I WILL be making a statement!  I can’t wait!  I have already had questions about where people can get one so head on over to Fit Approach and place an order!

I almost didn’t post today but then ran into a few things and decided maybe I would just talk about the weird things I notice/see/hear each Wednesday.  Or not… we’ll see!

it's a shark pizza cutter... marketed towards kiddies... naturally

Now, I like festive kitchen ware as much as the next person.  In fact, I have a great Mickey Mouse ear pizza cutter that I love.  HOWEVER, I find it odd this is sold in the kid’s cooking section.  “Here kids!  Help me cut pizza (legit) and then come and get it when not supervised because it looks cool!” (not so legit?)  Nope, I don’t have kids and maybe when I do I will buy them lots of sharp toys but for now, I find this odd!

Yesterday I bit the inside of my lip – HARD.  It’s been hurting all day.  I was thinking about how if you say, “Wow, I’m really sore” everyone assumes you are working out hard and visions of athletes dance through their heads.  But if you say, “Wow, I have a really bad sore” everyone automatically assumes the worst – like freshmen year health class scare tactics worst!  It’s so strange… so I had to keep my poor bitten lip to myself to avoid unwarranted ridicule!

I have been sick all week so I have taken a couple of days off so a) my head doesn’t implode and b) I am able to actually breathe while I work out.  I am definitely looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow in the sweat-tastic dept!

4 thoughts on “weird wednesday & a great mail day!

  1. You are going to look so great in your pink attire! I’m a little late to the blog hop but am excited to “meet” all my fellow SPA sisters!

  2. I ALWAYS seem to bite my lip or tongue and make it bleed! It’s the worst…but the mouth is the quickest part of your body to heal!! And YES for getting your fit approach gear…I love mine!!

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