runner’s confidence

Yesterday I knocked out 9 miles.  I am still not quite sure how I did it.  On Friday 5.5 miles were tough!  I was trying to calculate how far I needed to run for my long in order to squeeze in some semblance of a “smart” training schedule and I decided on 9 for Saturday.  Now, let me just say, there have been a number of times where I calculated how far I needed to run the next day and then decided to shorten it as I was running.  Saturday I woke up and read tweets all day about SoCal Ragnar and suddenly I had this ridiculous amount of runner’s confidence

I wore my ragnar sweatshirt all weekend in support!

Then I took off!  I was kind of giddy with energy and anticipation simply because suddenly the races that used to seem so far away are getting close!  I’m not going to lie, those 9 miles were tough.  I did have to walk for a minute after 6 but I was still able to finish relatively strong.  It was not a fast long run but I was proud nonetheless.  After getting back I put on some compression socks and iced my knees – it definitely helped.

I used to underestimate the power of icing after a long run - no longer! I'm a believer!

At this point, I was STARVING!  Actually, it was the kind of hunger where you start to feel sick to your stomach.  For some reason, I thought spaghetti and chicken nuggets sounded like the perfect combo.  To be honest, it was GOOD.  I felt much better after eating and then realized I was exhausted! :)

hey, don't knock it until you try it!
this is how I spent my saturday night, soooo sleepy - you?

Two last things… today I looked at the calendar and realized I have 3 weeks before the 5/3 River Bank 25k!  Wahoo!  I just gained a whole week to train because I can’t read a calendar!!  Finally, next week is the lottery for the NWM!  I am nervous and excited.  For some reason, I just have this feeling I might get in so it will suck if I don’t, haha!  Ahh, yes, my world is such a wonderful place!

maybe if you all collectively cross your fingers and toes for me, I might have a chance! pretty please?!

7 thoughts on “runner’s confidence

  1. Hahaha, great about the extra week! :) And congratulations on the 9 miles, that’s great.

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