aspaeris pivot shorts & sweat pink laces give-away!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  This week just happens to be one of the busiest for me out of the entire academic year.  While I am incredibly happy it is almost over, there is another part of me dreading the impending workload.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind working hard.  But it’s kind of like staring at a giant hill and wondering how the heck you are ever going to run up it in one piece.

You know what eases the stress/anxiety a little bit?  Offering my first ever give-away!  Great scott, am I ever excited!  Not only is it totally awesome but it’s kind of like Christmas when you know you got someone a cool gift :)

So, what do I have for you to win?  Aspaeris Pivot Shorts and Sweat Pink shoelaces!  Wahooo!!

this is a pic "borrowed" from Aspaeris site since I had some troubles getting a pic!

Yes, this picture below magically becomes the picture above… How?  I don’t know, like I said, magic

trust me, I never thought these would fit me... but they do... and again, they are magic

And what better to highlight your new Pivot shorts with than some hot pink laces?

trust me, the laces will bring you good running mojo!

By now you are probably asking yourself how you can win such good stuff – well, all you need to do is leave a comment about what motivates you when you REALLY DO NOT want to work out.  I would say  I have struggled with motivation off and on and I would love to hear some tips/secrets that you have.  In fact, I am willing to reward you for them!

Also, check out Aspaeris on facebook and “like” them – it’s a great way to find out when they are running deals.  Oh yeah, and because they are radical.

If you remember, Aspaeris are sponsoring my Ragnar team, The Panty Raiders.  But this isn’t why I am doing the give-away.  In fact, I purchased a pair a few months back and have been so happy I did.  What are the major benefits?  I love the effects of the compression without the “I can’t breathe” side effect.  They are really comfortable and I have worn them both during runs and for recovery.  In a pinch they also work great as “spanx”… not that I have ever had to do that or anything.

From the Aspaeris site:

We created Aspaeris™ to help protect female athletes from injury and enhance their performance with advanced compression apparel. As a female-centric company, we believe that the performance demands female athletes make on their bodies are unique. Our goal is to develop a deep understanding of those demands and create products that specifically elevate performance and protect her from non-impact injuries.

So, they rock basically.  I am running the give-away until next Wednesday, May 2nd at 5 pm.  Sorry, but I will only be able to ship to the U.S.  Yay give-away!  (yes, I am a big dork!)

In other news, I knocked out 6 miles yesterday.  I felt pretty good during the run but later my back was killing me.  This morning?  Same story – sore back.  I’m fairly certain I need to strengthen my core to support my running mileage – anyone ever have a similar issue?

Can’t wait to read all of your motivation tips!

39 thoughts on “aspaeris pivot shorts & sweat pink laces give-away!

  1. What keeps me going is my next race coming up. I think about how I’ll feel during the race. “If you don’t run now, during the race you’re gonna look back and think ‘why the heck didn’t I train more? I’m better than this!'”

  2. I am motivated by positive feedback & support from my family & friends. I love coming home to the hubby & hearing “wow, you’re bum looks great” (or some other non-PG version of said statement)! =) I also tend to work out with girlfriends during my lunch break; and its a great mid-day break for some girl talk & sweat-stress release. It feels good to be recognized for all my hard work, and to share that with my closest gal pals!!

  3. I was an avid runner. I broke my fibula, tibia, and talus bone 7 weeks ago. I have 3 more months before I can try to run again. I miss running so much. The best motivation for me when I can run again will be remembering that being healthy and able to run is a gift every day!

  4. I’m motivated by my goals and my running bucket list. I love to keep a list of races or goals that I have in mind so that I always have something to look forward to. And my favorite motivation is running with my friends, it’s just fun!

  5. The thing that motivates me the most is trying to be the healthiest mom to my kids!! So I just think a lot about them and I get up and go!!!

  6. What motivates me is knowing how stressed I become when I don’t run! Now that I’m staying at home with 3 young girls running is my escape!

  7. There is much that keeps me going. Mostly knowing how far I have come with my running and the motivation of trying to get a PR at my next race. My ultimate goal is to break 3:00 in the marathon (hopefully this fall) so that is a HUGE motivator for me. I know that if I am not putting in the time and effort on my workouts I will never break 3:00.

  8. My biggest motivation is vanity, but it works! It’s almost summer, so I need to shape up for those short shorts, flimsy dresses, and bikinis. Oh, and so I don’t hate my life when I take the stairs.

  9. I’m motivated by a lot of things… running buddies, my upcoming races, knowing how good running is for my body and mind……everything!!

  10. WOOWOO! Good job on the run!!!

    What motivates me?? Hmm… upcoming races, FOOD, friends. I also just kinda remind myself: “You have a goal (the chicago marathin– eck!!). You have to do this to get that. So, get up! Do it! And, HELLO! Stop bitching! SOOOO many people would do anything to just be able to run. You can! DOOOOO IT!!!”

  11. When I dont feel like running, I ask my dog if she wants to go for a run. Since she ALWAYS does, she follows me around until I take her with me. LOL.. She really is a great motivator when I want to get my butt in gear! I love these shorts and have been dying to try them. Thanks!

  12. Oh! I found your Blog via their Facebook page and love it! Congrats on your first giveaway and what I great one.

    My motivation is remembering my future races and the goals I want to hit. That gets me out the door to the gym or the pavement. GOALS get you through!

    Can’t wait to hear about the winner! PS – I couldn’t believe my thighs fit into my first pair of Asps either. I love love love them!

  13. My motivation is my weight. I lost 40+ lbs the ‘hard’ way – diet and exercise. I still want to enjoy naughty foods but that means I need to up my activity in an effort to not gain back the weight. I have a picture of the old me on my dresser to remind myself of where I do NOT want to be again.

  14. What motivates me is knowing that by staying healthy now and exercising, I will live to be old and still kicking like my grandfather! He is pushing 90 and still acts like he is in his 60s!

  15. I have a hard time with motivation. What got me into running again was to set a length goal (1/2 marathon in every state) so that it would take me a few years to do, as well as keep me on track. When I don’t feel like running, I remind myself of how far I’ve come and that my success didn’t happen overnight- takes practice. Because I’m pretty much the only one of my friends that’s eternally single, running has become “my relationship”

  16. I’m motivated by my upcoming marathon (one month!) and usually thinking about the race is enough to get me out of bed and out running in the morning!

  17. New reader here :) What motivates me when I really don’t want to work out is other bloggers and my friends! When I see other people going for it, it makes me want to also. Plus, if I’m signed up for a race its double motivation!

  18. What motivates me? That’s a great question! Right now it’s the thought of getting in a swimsuit. Ugh. We have a pond so the neighborhood seems to hang out here. Not looking forward to that first swimsuit try on. I keep telling myself if I want to be a Hot Mom I have to keep working on it…

  19. I usually have something I’m signed up for and that is usually enough to motivate me! New reader due to the giveaway but looking forward to reading more!!

  20. My motivation is my kids, I want to be a fit and healthy role model for them and to inspire them to find a sport or activity that they enjoy and show them it can be fun. Sure mom comes huffing and puffing and red faced through the door, but I do ENJOY running, lol. :D (arenat80 [at]

  21. There are a few things that motivate me to run. The first is the races I’ve signed up for – can’t run them without training. Also the way I feel at the end of the run, there is nothing like it. The more selfish reason is so I can eat the ice-cream that I’m always craving (I like to think that running offsets this indulgence) :)

  22. My motivation when i don’t want to work out is that I know i will feel so much better when I do it, and I always want to reach goals (races, challenges, etc) which is motivating as well. I already have some laces but those aspaeris shorts sound amazing!!!

  23. I know it’s a popular one, but what motivates me is how I feel after a great workout! I try to remember that. Another thing that helps is new workouts! I LOVE looking for new workouts! That’s what I have been doing lately and it’s worked like a charm! It’s a blast getting in a great sweat while having fun doing something new yet pushing yourself to be stronger.

  24. 1) Dedicate your run: Sometimes, I dedicate my run to someone and think about them while I’m running
    2) Ability is a gift: I think about people that can’t run even if they wanted to, and that I am luck enough to have this ability
    3) Looking like a bad ass: if it’s a snowstorm or heatwave, I like being the person that people pass and think,”WTF if that person doing running out there?!”
    4) Accountability: I tell people all day long about the run I WILL be doing that night. That way I know they will ask about it the next day, which holds me accountable!
    5) New stuff: music, GU flavor, route, gear…doesn’t matter, I can’t wait to try it out
    6) Get lost: Just go! Sometimes not setting a time or distance is the most freeing feeling. It’s always a better option than sitting on the couch. Get outside and get lost :)

  25. What really motivates me when I don’t feel like working out is meeting my friends. I don’t want them to be left out in the cold. Since we often run at o’dark thirty, it is usually cold AND dark.

  26. I am motivated by my DOG! Since she is crazy if she doesn’t at least get 3-4 miles a day then, for both our sake, I at least get out there and do that!

  27. Love those compression shorts! I also love pink. What motivates me to eun is usually the next race, which also means I have to keep signing up- always wanna do better. That or that I might have to wear a swimsuit soon. :-)

  28. What motivates me? A lot of times what race I have coming up next. Without it I have nothing to set goals for and it forces me to get my butt out there:-) Another motivation is that bathing suit weather is just around the corner!

  29. To get myself to workout I usually try to think about how good it feels to get sweaty! If that doesn’t work, I try to coerce someone into going with me. Somehow just having someone to walk with over to the gym is a big help. Also, a new playlist never hurts!

  30. What motivates me…….my amazing friend Christine who got me into running, the awesome knee high socks I wear when I run and the way I feel after I am done and pushed myself a little harder than the last time!

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