thursday happiness

Happy 100th post to me!!  Wahoo!  It’s so fitting it’s on Thankful Things Thursday!  Yes, I am beyond thankful I started this blog back in November.  When I first wanted to start a blog is took me FOR-E-VER to get the courage to start it.  It changed too – at first I was going to do a food blog.  But see, the thing is, I really don’t come up with recipes.  I am a great baker and a decent cook but I follow recipes.  Like it’s my job :)

I took tons of pics of food during this time.  Then it dawned on me (as in a major DUH moment) I should be writing about food, running/weight loss and my crazy life.  I needed to stick with who I was/am rather than trying to be like anyone else.  But mostly, I am so grateful I started my blog because my mom got to see it, read it and even comment on it before she suddenly passed away in December.  I can’t even begin to express how much this means to me.  So, yeah, I’m grateful for this blog.

2.  The Tiger Tail – yay!  Thank goodness I went downtown yesterday and purchased this bad boy.  I worked out my muscles yesterday as soon as I got home and the knot in my thigh is feeling better.  Plus, it matches my car.

I love the slogan, “I love happy muscles” – me too!

3.  Also when I was downtown yesterday there was a used store selling lots of fun goodies, including this gem

isn’t this GIANT A the coolest?!

Oh my gosh – I came SOOO close to buying it.  But at $65 it was a bit out of my price range and I am trying to downsize my belongings not add more.  It did call to me though… I guess a picture will just have to do!

4.  I made a HUGE purchase for my Chicago Ragnar Relay team

all self-respecting pirates have eye-patches and we will too!

They had just enough for all 12 of us and I can’t wait to get some pics taken in these suckers.  If they would have had “peg legs” I would have purchased those too.  Too fun for words!

5.  This Sunday is the Kalamazoo Marathon/Borgess 1/2 Marathon!  Yeehawwww!!  I can’t wait to go down and watch what was my inaugural 1/2 and cheer on all the runners!  I have friends who are running their hearts out (Go Em!) and I’m thrilled to help them cross the finish line.  Selfishly, I’m going to syphon some of the race excitement for myself too!

I know there is so much more – I bought my ticket back to PA as I mentioned, am getting some race stuff completed and lots of other goodies.  I’ll share about one of the other goodies tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “thursday happiness

  1. Congrats on your 100th post! What a good feeling, I’m sure. I love that giant “A”, If they had one but an “M” I would probably have been swaying into getting it. You are a stronger person that I am!

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