will bake for a massage

Can we all talk about how much Mondays suck?!  During the academic year, they are always filled with anxiety for me.  Luckily, the school year is over so I don’t hate them as much as I used to.  But still, I dread them a wee bit.

Today, I woke up not feeling so hot.  I am fairly certain it’s all related to my long run last night.  12.5 miles.  In the interest of full disclosure, I walked the last mile.  I was beat.  I was starving.  I was ready to come home.  Oh yeah, not to mention the lightning that started and it was 9:15 pm.  This is just a bit too dark out for my comfort level.

The 25k is THIS Saturday!  I can’t believe it!  I’m sooo going to need to trade some baked goods for a massage when it’s done!

ummm… 15 miles is a long way!

But yesterday’s run went fairly well and was 12.5 miles of sheer confidence for Saturday.  Here is what I was happy with:

1.  I kept my pace fairly steady – 10:45-11:20… at least until the end ;)  I also totally accepted if I wanted to run 12 miles (15 soon enough) I needed to embrace the time/pace and enjoy the run

2.  I wore my Aspaeris pivot shorts – this was an AWESOME choice!  I have only ever worn them for recovery but these really helped and I will be wearing them on Saturday.

2.5 – I also iced my knees and sported my compression socks when I got home – how did I never realize how much this combo helped before?!

3.  I added a GIANT hill at mile 3 – lately I have been trying to avoid hills around this mile because I felt I couldn’t tackle them or I would be too tired to keep running.  But I ate this hill for breakfast!  Or at least as a snack!  For those of you local folks, I did Howard hill up to Oakland Drive!

4.  I brought water with me – I typically think I don’t need fluids but I am so happy I’m getting smarter!

5.  I didn’t have any expectations for this run.  Instead, I went out there ready to enjoy it and if I fell short of my goal than this was okay.  But I did well!  I also exceeded my expectations.  I didn’t really start getting uncomfortable until mile 9, a major improvement.

6.  I kept running!

7.  I wore my sparkle skirt!  I think I got a marriage proposal from a passing motorist as I was running :)

this is one powerful skirt!

Things I still need to improve upon:

1.  I only took one shot blok while I was out there.  I didn’t notice my waning energy until much later but at this point it was too late.  I was EXHAUSTED.

2.  I didn’t eat enough before I started running.  Again, I didn’t notice this until much later but when I got home I was feeling a bit light-headed.  I ate something immediately but then I started to feel nauseated.  I ate more after a shower (lots of protein) but still felt pretty sick.  Then today I still felt kind of crappy.  Lesson learned!

3.   I didn’t bring ENOUGH water – I was out by the time I made it to the track for the last couple of miles and really thirsty.  So, apparently, I am not smart enough.

The good thing is the positives outweighed the negatives!  I know I will finish on Saturday.  I also readjusted my goal – before I thought maybe I would finish around two and half hours.  Buuut… I am now a bit more realistic and am hoping for three hours or less.  I also decided to dedicate this race to my mom.  I decided this last night as I was running and knew it was the right thing to do.  It will be more constructive than wallowing on Mother’s Day and I know it will give me some great motivation to dig even deeper to keep going.

me and mom…

Okay… sad stuff aside, I do have a great announcement!  Duck on the Run put a call out on her blog for some runners to join her on this

I might just be addicted!

as an ULTRA!

Haha, crazy girl!  But in the excitement of this past race weekend (more on this tomorrow) I decided to jump in with both feet and told her I was IN!  I am super excited!  We are still looking for a few more runners so let us know if you are interested!  It’s going to be a BLAST!

Running and Reading Long starts today!  Yay!!  I will be posting on Thursdays about my reading so I for the next several weeks I will be doing my Thankful Things Thursdays on Tuesdays.  Or maybe on Fridays – I haven’t quite decided yet.  I am thrilled to share the insights from the program though and have a feeling it’s just what this introspective gal needs right now as I’m reconnecting with my love of running!

4 thoughts on “will bake for a massage

  1. Let me know if offering baked goods leads to massages – I need a few of those over here! Also, Aaron has started bringing gatorade with water on his long runs and he said that helps a lot more than just water and gu for the calories and electrolytes. I actually don’t think its gatorade, but something like that. Also, I’m not sure if you know that its actually 15.6 miles??? Wasn’t sure if I should tell you, or if you were just rounding, but thought you didn’t deserve the surprise when you got to the 15 mile poster and you weren’t done yet!!!!!!!!! :/ You can totally do it though and I can’t wait to cheer you on!!!! :)

  2. ICE BATHS SAVE MY LIFE!!! They suck to get in – but are SO SO worth it.

    Running for someone’s honor makes a race much easier and really gives you that power to push through. Great idea!

  3. I always wear compression socks and ice at the same time after long runs! Now that I have Aspaeris pivot shorts I’ll be wearing them for recovery too! Also ice baths are fantastic.

    Cute picture of you and your mom! I think we had that same rocking chair growing up by the way!

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