lessons learned

I’m starting this post a bit later than I intended but it’s “summer” for me and plans pop up and I wanted to take advantage of some good times after a stressful day at work.  It was really important to me to talk about the lessons I learned this past weekend though.

Things that went well:

1. I got a pretty good night’s sleep for a race night.  I get excited, nervous, angsty – all of that, the night before  a race so the fact that I only woke up twice before the 6:15 am wake-up call was amazing!

2.  I grabbed water and Gatorade at each water station even if I didn’t feel thirsty.

3.  I wore my Aspaeris pivot shorts – great scott!  These saved me!  I should have been WAY MORE sore the next day than I was so I will definitely wear these for my longer runs again.  I have two pairs currently but really, I feel I should have 20!

4.  I did a good job tapering!  I’m not sure I have ever done this before so two thumbs up Amy!

5.  I wore my sparkle skirt!  I also wore my whole outfit once before race day so I knew exactly what quirks I might have with my clothing – thankfully no major ones.  (I put my pivot shorts on backwards, haha, and they still were great!)

why yes, there’s the sparkle skirt in action!

Things that didn’t go so well:

1.  Ummm… chaffing – boo!  I’ll spare you the picture again but man oh man this was unpleasant!

2.  Taking a Motrin 800 before I started out.  I still haven’t quite figured out what to do about this since I need the pain relief in order to run but I fear this was one of the issues with getting dehydrated.

3.  My poor attitude about my finish.  I was disappointed, which is fine but I was pretty down on myself.  I gave myself a mental shake and took in all of your LOVELY comments and realized, WOW!  I ran 15 miles!


4.  I ate like crap the whole week before.  Haha, I’m not kidding folks, looking back on it now I still have no idea what I was thinking!

5.  I didn’t eat any protein within 30 mins of finishing.  On Sunday I ate everything.in.sight.


What I learned:

1.  Running is a gift and while racing I had FUN!  I forgot about this for a minute when I didn’t meet my goal but I have remembered since!

2.  Not every race can be THE perfect race.  I definitely know I want to change a few things for next time, which just makes me that much more prepared.  Also, I finished – wahoo!

3.  This might sound odd but since my training was less than stellar, I really shouldn’t have done this well.  I might have a wee bit of athletic talent with running!  I mean, I am not Kara Goucher but I made it through with sheer heart and determination.  I am wondering what else I could do with better training and this is exciting.  Haha, I know, now all of a sudden I am thinking I can take on the running world!  Once again, my mood swingin’ love of running!

haha, this was really popular the last time I posted it! It’s a Bondi Band!

4.  I am even MORE determined to run this 25k again next year!

I am sure there are other things I am missing but these are the basics and the most important.  The funny thing is, when I was hitting mile 15 it popped in my head I would have to run 11 MORE MILES in October!  Whew!  I know training will come into play but it really gave me a whole new perspective and upped my respect for all of you 26.2 finishers out there!

oh yeah, this is going to be harder than I first anticipated :)

4 thoughts on “lessons learned

  1. It’s really hard not to eat everything in sight taper week… and it does affect your race!!
    Just try to chill and not think about it. See some friends, go for a massage, go for a walk. All things allowed before a big race :)

  2. I ran my first 25K last year and loved it. Pending on how well I continue to recover from injury, I might run it again this year. I think its in the middle of July.

    I don’t think any race will ever be perfect. I have learned something new every time. :-)

  3. Does motrin contain the same things as ibuprofen? The reason I ask – I took it before a 15K and had SEVERE cramps and pain in my stomach. Apparently – intense cardio and vitamin I DO NOT MIX. It actually causes kidney problems and bad electrolyte levels (you probably helped it out with the gatorade).

    I am worried about Saturday not taking anything for my ankle before my half. I’d be lying if I said I weren’t contemplating baby aspirin to mask the pain.

    You did AWESOME and should be so proud of yourself! I am impressed!!!

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