definitely grateful…

I can’t figure out where the time has been going lately!  I can’t seem to get my posts done at a reasonable hour!  Thankfully, running out of time hasn’t been because of anything bad – I simply have been busy.

I haven’t done a grateful post in a long time but this doesn’t mean I haven’t had things to be grateful for – in fact quite the opposite!  Here’s a list!

1.  I had a dentist appointment today – boo!  I really wasn’t looking forward to it because I thought I might get a firm chat about my lack of use of my mouth guard.  Thankfully, this didn’t happen!  Then my hygienist told me I had the prettiest eyes.  Okay, I will go back there next week for my crown :)

2.  I FINALLY was able to stock back up on this peanut butter – it’s my FAVORITE!

oh yeah – the label is CORRECT! The IS the bee’s knees!

3.  I also stocked up on this tasty business

this ketchup is really good – the fact that it has way less sodium is a big win for me

what I really appreciate about this ketchup is it’s good, a little bit sweeter than the regular kind but doesn’t make me feel like I have been sucking on a salt lick when I am done with my dinner.

4.  One more food pic – can you tell I was hungry when I wrote this?!

yes, this is cottage cheese and tortilla chips – I know… please don’t ask too many questions!

My friend Emily told me about this combo and I thought it sounded disgusting.  Then I tried it and I was pleasantly surprised – wahoo!  Another snack to crave that will go straight to my hips! ;)

5.  I went for a run today.  I really didn’t want to go this evening.  I was tired, I have a big day tomorrow and sitting on my couch seemed MUCH more appealing.  I told myself, just go and you only have to run a little bit.  I ended up running 3 miles, walking 2 and then running 1 more mile home.  Somehow, my first 3 miles were an average 10:20 pace and my last mile was 10:30.  I was trying to slow them down since I was getting tired but my legs totally had a mind of their own.  I was happy about it!  I do need to work on my overall fitness since my lungs were having a wee bit of trouble keeping up with my legs!

6.  This little guy

he is just tooooo cute

did you know it’s only $50,000 to clone Simon?  I could have a little Simon FOR-E-VER!  The poor guy is so furry so I turn on the fan and he sits right in the pathway of the cool air.  Neither one of us were too happy about the 90* heat on Sunday!

7.  I got to help celebrate a birthday last week!  I love celebrating birthdays – mine and friends’!  I feel birthdays are so important – everyone should feel special for AT LEAST one day a year!

There are a ton of other things and for some reason now I can’t remember them!  I have realized paying attention to what I am grateful for has changed some of my thinking.  Last week, I had really stressful day at work and before I started this the stress would have eaten away at me.  But I am getting much better at ousting the negative thoughts and recognizing the GOOD things that happen – even amidst the stress.  This is HUGE for me!  It’s amazing how much happier in general I am.  I also have found I see much more to be grateful for in a day than ever before.  When I first started this, I would write things in my personal journal and I would struggle to find 2 or 3.  This has changed completely – now my mind immediately jumps to the positive things rather than the negative.  Yay!

7 thoughts on “definitely grateful…

  1. HA! I usually say things are the Bees Knees – I think I need to get this PB. I tried to get into cottage cheese but I just couldn’t do it. I don’t understand!! Cute cat :)

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