sunday randomness

Happy Sunday!  I have some very cool news to share with you tomorrow but right now I have a random post.  I actually like taking one or two days away from posting during the week since it gives my creative juices a chance to replenish.  Even though I haven’t put my fingers to the keys there are ALWAYS posts running through my head.  Here are a glimpse of some upcoming posts:

“WALK” is not a 4 letter word

The Monster Summer To-Do List


Throwing caution to the wind

Runner’s World Summer Running Streak!

And a few about some introspections (probably not a word but I like it!) that I have been mulling over in my head over the last couple of weeks.  I know – super exciting!

But today I have some other things…

You know you’re a runner when:

You use the “oh sh*t” handle of your car as a drying rack

mobile drying rack!

When you put your toothbrush in with your slightly sweaty tempos and don’t worry if it’s sanitary or not

they weren’t REALLY touching… much

I spent the night at my friend’s place on Friday night and the room I slept in was DARK!  I’m not a huge fan of the dark and I seriously couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.  I took a picture for you

haha, well, I think I am funny! honestly, I took this picture that night though – yep, I am a goob!

Remember said toothbrush from above?  My friend’s dog also really liked it!  But they say dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans right?!  RIGHT?!

My last picture for you is some torment for me.  This spider is trapped between my window and screen in my living room.  It is very large and wants to eat my face off – I can totally tell.

how did you get in scary spider?! and why can’t you get out the same way??!!

Waaaaaaa!!!  I HATE spiders.  Ooo, and earwigs – gross!  We are going on day three of Spider Watch ’12 and I haven’t quite figured out what to do about this menacing creature.  Part of me would like to try to catch it and release it outside.  Of course this means getting really close to it, which makes my skin crawl.  I don’t really like the thought of it suffering to death in this screen/window limbo either (although I am pretty sure it will be able to eat bugs that can get in through the gaps, so it will probably eat its way through the screen!).  EEEKKKK!  I’ll keep you posted.

inhaled a great book over the last two days, Second Wind by Cami Ostman.  I loved it.  It was for the Running and Reading Long program so while I can’t divulge the details now it has completely set my mind a spinnin’!  I’m excited to share some of this with you in the very near future!

The Runner’s World Summer Running Streak starts tomorrow!  The deal is you run everyday from Memorial day to July 4th.  It simply needs to be one mile a day but it must be a run – walking doesn’t count!  If you are interested you should check out the details and do it too!  I will be writing about it here and tweeting and hopefully we can encourage one another.  I KNOW by week three I will be a bit tired :)  I’ve done a running streak before and lasted 20 days so I know I can do it.  I’m also looking forward to the challenge and integrating my 1/2 and full marathon training plans into it.

Finally, there are some big changes for me on the horizon.  I am nervous about them, feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious for some aspects of my life to be settled as opposed to being up in the air.  I’ve been fixated on what the future is going to hold for me and today I internalized that I need to embrace the uncertainty as something I can’t change and live in the moment.  While this doesn’t completely ease my angsty self, it does give me something else to focus on – the present.  So enjoy your Sunday everyone!  I’m off to a BBQ!

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