chicago ragnar week = panic, happiness, crazy eyes!

aarrrrgggg matey’s!


Oh my gosh!  I am so freakishly excited!  Yesterday, I was working hard not to vomit all over the place because I was nervous but then I started talking to my teammates and I felt so much better.  They are all really excited as well!  They have the best attitudes and are giving women.  I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be part of this team.

isn’t our logo so cute?! I’ll post the name of the woman who designed it in the next few days

So, here is the deal…


1.On Sunday I ran a 5 miler then walked a mile home on very fatigued legs.  In fact, at one point they just plain ol’ hurt.  I stopped for about a minute and then rallied.  I did have to walk a couple of times but the last mile I told myself to go for it.  Then I kept repeating, “you ARE mentally strong”.  I wanted to prepare myself for the running 3 times business that is coming up this weekend but even more I wanted to prove to myself I am capable.

2.  Some shopping – yes, I do need some supplies before hitting the road on Thursday morning.  We need to pack lightly since we are taking two mini-vans.  Packing lightly isn’t one of my strengths but I am determined to make it happen.  Sunday I bought some baby-wipe things for a “shower”, some Neutrogena face wipes (I really don’t want to massively break out this weekend!) some feminine wipes (let’s face it ladies – there is some delicate pH balance going on with us!) and some snacks.

sorry it’s so dark! yes, this is the start of my packing!

3.  I bought my train/bus ticket.  Good thing I plan ahead!

4.  Hooked myself and my teammates up with some pirate-y gear!

5.  Ordered my ruffle-bum undies last week and they arrived today.  They are pretty cute – one pair of pink ones with a bow and then some hot red ones.  ALL ruffles, all the time!

oh my! yes, these are not super flattering BUT pretty stinkin’ cute! 

6.  Bought some Nike capri tights.  I tried these on last week when I bought my run skirt.  Then the next day I got a coupon for $10 off and took it as a sign it was meant to be.  Plus they have a yellow stripe down the side that I am hoping will help with a bit of reflection at night.  Do I need new capris?  Well, the last time I wore one of my favorite pairs there was some unfortunate chaffing.  Not having to experience that on a 200-mile relay = PRICELESS!

7.  Found a white pullover long sleeve on sale at Target.  More of that reflection business – here’s hoping I won’t get hit by a car!

8.  Made meatloaf.  Not really sure how this helps me to prepare but I watched an old episode of “Dinners, Drive-In’s and Dive’s” last week and someone had a meatloaf sandwich.  I don’t eat meatloaf sandwiches but I do LOVE this super tasty Weight Watchers recipe!  YUM!

9.  Figured out my caffeine issue… okay, I do have an addiction to coffee!  I LOVE IT!  I also really do “need” it to get my arse up and running.  Considering we won’t be sleeping much this weekend, I don’t want to be a total failure all because I’m caffeine-dependent/deprived.  SO, I have planned to scope out some chocolate milk and then add some instant coffee to it.  I already have the instant and I’m dang proud of my ingenuity!

10.  Freaked out, wanted to vomit and took a rest day.  Don’t worry – I won’t include any pictures of wanting to vomit!  I did however, decide to take a full and complete rest day yesterday.  While this means I ruined my RW Run Streak, I have been waiting for the Chicago Ragnar since November.  I am going to restart my own streak simply because I really wanted to do it.  However, my legs were incredibly tired and sore.  I do feel better and feel confident I made the right decision.  Tonight I ROCKED 4 miles speedy-style!

crazy eyes of excitement!

I’m sure there is more – we are putting the finishing touches on plans as a team and I think the biggest way I am prepping is just getting completely PUMPED.  Earlier I was nervous because my pace isn’t as fast as I would like, blah, blah.  Truthfully though, I want to ENJOY this experience!  It’s such a fantastic and fun opportunity!  Not to mention part of my FUN-FILLED SUMMER!

6 thoughts on “chicago ragnar week = panic, happiness, crazy eyes!

  1. You are gonna ROCK!!! =)
    1- you are my Germy, and you are awesome! these other ladies are lucky to have you, trust me!!!
    2- you are a genius about the choco-instant coffee….nice work there!
    3- those panties are cuuuuuuuute!!!! love it!

    Get pumped and get going….cause I can’t wait to hear all about it babe! So beyond proud of you! Love you!!! <3

  2. Ah thats so awesome you are running a Rangar this weekend!! I am looking forward to your tips (what you ate, what gear you needed, etc) since I’ll be running the Reach the Beach relay in October. I hope you have a GREAT time! Remember just to enjoy it :)

    Love your idea about the instant chocolate milk coffee. I’m going to keep that in mind! Good luck!

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