yep – i’m exhausted… and i have the fever

Well… I did it… I ran the Ragnar Chicago this past weekend.  As much as I would love to say this is going to be a recap, it won’t be.  I’m simply not there yet!  Not to be completely dramatic but WOW.  I have a lot to process and need to figure out how I am going to write about all of it.  Yes, it was only a couple of days total but so much has happened!  I will show you my nifty medal/bottle opener/potential weapon though

this sucker is substantial!

I am definitely, completely exhausted.  Thankfully, my body isn’t terribly sore – I mean, I can tell I ran almost 17 miles but I’m not in agonizing pain.  This is reassuring!  You know what else?  I gained some pounds this weekend!  WTF?  I’m guessing it’s some bloat from lack of sleep, dehydration, eating at odd hours and snacking rather than actually eating meals.  Still, it’s one of those things where it just seems unfair considering all the running!  Ah well…  I can sport this bitchin’ badge so what’s a few pounds?!

Okay… I have a disease… it’s called RACE FEVER!  I’m serious!  All I want to do is sign up for races, left and right!  It has been building recently but it is reaching epic proportions at this point.  Here are the list of races I am looking at signing up for:

Kalamazoo Klassic – this race is on Saturday morning.  I have done it multiple times and there is a 5k and 10k option.  The 10k includes a mountain a.k.a. Maple Hill.  This hill is T.O.U.G.H.  The last time I did the 10k I was determined to run the entire hill and I was going so slowly ppl were walking next to me.  Did it break my spirit a bit?  Maybe, but I knew deep down I wasn’t going to stop running!

The Cheetah Chase – 5k on June 23rd at the Binder Park Zoo (local zoo).  I did it last year and it was my first race back from a 7 month racing hiatus (kind of a running hiatus too).  Umm…it kicked my trash!  Seriously, it is a hard course.  I would love to go back and redeem myself a bit!


Seaway Run – this is also on the 23rd of June so I will need to pick.  This race has a 5k option as well as a 15k option which I have never done.  It’s not too far away and it is along the lakeshore, which is sure to be beautiful.

Color Run Grand Rapids – Wahooo!  I am really excited for this 5k!  I am doing it with a team of besties and I know it will be a fun time.  I’ll be showered in color on Aug. 5th.

See Jane Run Half Marathon – this one is set in stone.  It’s July 15th and is my goal race for the Running and Reading Long program.

Tyranena Beer Run 1/2 – my Ragnar teammates are talking about getting together for a reunion and doing this half.  I am really considering it since it would be awesome to see them again and my van talked about this town a lot.  I feel like I have to get there!

Hot Chocolate Run, Chicago – I know this run got some bad press in D.C. but it sounds fun. Again, it’s a cool distance – 15k and it’s just something different.  I have friends in Chicago who I could crash with so while it would be a destination race, it wouldn’t break my bank.  Oh yeah, there is rockin’ technical sweatshirt in the goody bag!  This race on a Sunday and the Tyranena race is the day before – back to back racing?!

I love a good swag bag :)

Disney World Marathon – Yes, it’s a long way away – Jan. 13th but I have been wavering back and forth on this one for months.  The price increases in a few days and it’s already half full.  It’s the 20th anniversary of the marathon and I am a sucker for that kind of thing!  In true Disney fashion, it will be done up big.  I also have always loved Disney.  I’m pretty sure I have made up my mind but need to figure out a few logistics.

See what I mean?!  The two automatic races I will do in the fall include The Peacock Strut 10k and the Campus Classic 5k.  These are staples in my racing diet and unless something drastic happens, they will continue to hold a place in my heart.  Not to mention, if people ask me, “hey Amy, wanna do a race with me?” it’s tough for me to turn them down!

The cool thing about all of this?  When my mom died, I swore I was going to stop buying stuff and wanted to spend my money on experiences instead.  I’ve been working hard on this and I’ve been moderately successful!  Racing definitely falls under the “experience” category.  I’m proud of myself for putting my money where I want it to go, doing something I love and being healthy – all things my mom would want too!

8 thoughts on “yep – i’m exhausted… and i have the fever

  1. Amazing! I have been wanting to do a Ragnar race ever since I heard of it! Great job finishing, and that medal is pretty dang saaahhweeet! I know excactly how you feel with the “racing bug” I am signed up for 6 more races this year, and I have about 4 more that I am planning on signing up for on the “day of”….I agree with you on the spending money on “experiences” versus things.

  2. I had race fever last year, signed up for a ton of races that I can’t run now. Total bummer and waste of money, but a lesson well learned. A lot of the races on your list sound like fun. I would totally want to run Disney and the hot chocolate run if I were you.

  3. MUST DO TYRANENA!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty, pretty please?

    And yeah, I am not even close to a recap yet either – my mind is still whirling and it seems like a dream. It’s so hard to even find the words to describe it in my head, much less to get them down on… computer.

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