brain trickery!

***wrote last night but forgot to post!***

For some reason, I am procrastinating going to bed tonight.  It’s officially my last night in my apt and I am feeling kind of sad.  I’ve lived here for 9 years and my life has changed SO MUCH during this time.  Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely excited for the new challenges and my new place.  But when I was over there today for the billionth time unloading, I realized it didn’t feel like home yet.  I know it will take time and settling in since right now it looks like this

here is my new kitchen… definitely in need of some shelving
new bedroom – yes, I do plan on sleeping in here at some point

EEK!  Haha, I know – anyone want to come over and make my place over?!  Seriously, MAJOR design plans are swimming through my head for my place.  There are some slight road bumps – I can’t do any of the real work on my own and while I have access to maint guys, you know, they kind of have jobs!  Nevertheless, I am eagerly looking forward to creating a zen-y sanctuary.

The other day I went out to buy some slip covers for my furniture because of my lovely little furry dude.  When I got out there they said they were only sold online (boo!).  Instead I decided I wanted to buy a couch :)

terrible pic but you get the idea. sectional, chaise, cool color, totally beachy, yeah?

Luckily my dad talked me down from the purchasing ledge by letting me know I probably wouldn’t have ANY room in my living room for you know, actual living.  I’ll be buying slip covers!

Another reason I can’t quite hit the hay just yet is there are LOTS of things swarming my brain right now.  July, where in the hades did  you come from?!  This month I am going back to visit my family, one of my dear friends is giving birth (probably as I am typing this!), there is the See Jane Run 1/2 in two weeks, the memorial BBQ while I’m at home and transitioning to my new job.  Yep, it’s a lot.  Oh yeah, and marathon training is starting – wahooo!

I’m terrible with following plans so I really have no idea how this is going to work out.  The main thing is I am going to run.  A lot.  And far.  I do want to make some goals and since I recently popped over to the cutest ever preggers Hungry Runner and she did a goal list, I decided I wanted to make one too.  I am trying to think of something different to call them besides goals though.  Lately, I haven’t been meeting my “goals” so I’m thinking we need a wordage change.  Semantics, I know but it really comes down to tricking my brain.

Here are my Recipe For Success!

1.  Create a training plan

2.  Follow the training plan as best I can

3.  Swim at least 2x per week (our pool finally reopened!)

4.  Tighten down some of my nutritional challenges, i.e. portions, night snacking and Red Vines.

5.  Continue to enjoy running!

6.  Remember to breathe… this month is going to be stressful

7.  Wear my mouth/night guard.  As unattractive as this sounds, it’s even worse in person.  However, it helps with the headaches

8.  Get my new apt set up and home-ified

9.  Set up my new office so it’s a work-conducive environment

10.  Do fun things with friends and family!

Whew!  That is quite a list!  Absolutely nothing I can’t handle, although I may need a few (self) pep talks along the way.  For some reason, despite my exhaustion from hauling my business all over the place for the last week, I feel energized to tackle all of this and more.  Maybe because I know my life is changing…  Maybe it’s because I know I get to see my family in a week and half…  Maybe it’s simply because I’m remembering I am capable of so much!  Does this sound egotistical?  Probably but that’s okay – it’s important to embrace your strengths as much as it’s important to work on your weaknesses.  And I am one determined chick!

3 thoughts on “brain trickery!

  1. I hope that you were able to get some sleep on your last night and close that chapter in your life so that you can begin your new and exciting chapter. I can’t wait to see how you decorate your new apt.- I am sure that it will be super cute and stylish. :-)

  2. Oh man I hate not being able to sleep! If I know that I have something the next day that has me in knots or even something that I have planned I almost never sleep!
    Great goals!! I love to “home-ifi” a place! :) Or, maybe it’s the end result. :)
    Have a great day!

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