just some whining

Okay… beware… this first paragraph is going to be kind of whiney – sorry!  BUT guess what isn’t awesome?  My feet swelling in this %*@#! heat!  Great scott – I feel like I’m 80 yrs old!  I also bought new flippy flops today because I can’t find mine (yes, I know #firstworldproblems) and it was time for a new pair.  However, breaking in a pair with swollen feet hasn’t felt so good either.  I am currently sitting with my feet propped up and water by my side to help bring the swelling down.  I might even put on my compression socks!

not from today – actually it’s from earlier this week after some serious moving. my legs were killing me but a couple of hours in these puppies and I felt so much better!

I got my keys to my new office today!  Yippeee!  I went to check it out and to see what I needed.  I plan on moving some of my stuff over there this weekend since it will be yet another major move.  I need basically everything, except a desk so the list was fairly straightforward!  I also put in an order for an A/C unit – stat!  Why?  Because of this NUTTINESS!

why mother nature why?! oh and it’s actually cooled down a bit!

Alright, Mother Nature’s wrath aside, I am thrilled it’s Friday!  Yes, I know everyone feels this way but I’m really looking forward to this weekend.  I’ll be running, organizing – annnnd more of the same :)  Oh yes, and some pinning!  Can I tell you how addicted to Pinterest I am right now?  Ever since I discovered the “Home Decor” section I. CAN’T. STOP.  Not to mention, it makes me feel better when I’m anxious, haha.  The other day I caught myself thinking, “I just need to pin!”

Speaking of weird habits I am forming, I have been talking to myself so much lately!  Usually, I only do it when no one is around and quietly.  Now, I am having full on conversations out loud with people around and everything!  AAAKKK!  I really do think it’s product of all the chaos lately but still, I can see myself keeping this up if I am not careful!

Well, I certainly am feeling rambly today… I’ll leave with you a post of my cat since the rest of this makes me sound a bit off my rocker anyway so I might as well seal the “crazy cat lady” title.  Tomorrow I’ll be talking some trainin’ business, I promise!

simon found the recliner – I probably won’t ever get that chair back!



4 thoughts on “just some whining

  1. I have noticed the swelling too! I also stand on my fee all day long (for the most part) and this does not help matters. :/
    I totally have conversations with myself! Like Megan, it’s mostly when I am stressed!

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