ready to jump in

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Alright, I’ve been on the non-running train long enough.  I’m fairly certain most runners don’t take a week-long sabbatical right toward the end of their 1/2 marathon training.  No, I’m not tapering, haha!  While it probably sounds egotistical, I’m not worried about finishing.  Heck, I really don’t even care about what my time will be.  I am thrilled to be running in front of my family and in heat that doesn’t broil your skin the moment you take your first steps!  That’s right folks – here is the forecast for Seattle


See that?!  On Sunday, July 15th it will be a beautiful 71*!  And that’s the HIGH!  Haha, I can’t decide if I should wear my capris or my running skirt.  I am thrilled :)

Please read this:

I wish I could have done the regular link but it wouldn’t let me… this should simply keep you in anticipation – quick, check it out!  Then come back :)

Today is a 10 miler… yikes!  Actually, I’m ridiculously confident I can pull it off despite my lackluster training this past week.  Why?  I have no idea!  Haha, but it will be almost 25* COOLER this evening when I head out – AMAZING!  I also don’t feel I have lost a ton of fitness over the last week since I’ve been paying closer attention to my nutrition and also up and moving around well, moving.

seriously?! these people obviously were NOT moving! haha, this picture is so ridiculous, I had to post it

It’s pretty typical for me to need to have a few chats with myself along the training road and remind myself what kind of commitment I need to make in order for this to happen.  As in running 26.2 miles – yep, this is going to happen.  I’ve already signed up for TWO!  Also, it’s not like they are just a wee jaunt away, they are both major destination races so I really don’t want to half-ass them.

Disney World course – new for this year!

So, I had this convo with myself last night, revisited my “Recipe for Success” for July and am ready to jump back on track.  Again, this won’t be the last time I write something like this.

love past race pics – remind me how much I love racing!

I’m also going to give a shout out to my awesome readers/all of you who have left comments!  The comments definitely inspire me, help in the whole validation process (we all need a bit of this!) and simply make me feel great!  Thanks so much for reading!

5 thoughts on “ready to jump in

  1. Wow! That forecast is amazing!!! I think it’s supposed to be like 103* in the shade for the next 14 years here in good ole NC! I have a 5k next month that I’m already dreading because of this heat wave… I’d surely DNF if I had to run further! You’ve totally got this! Enjoy every second. You may not even break a sweat until mile 12 at those temps!

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