some vaca pics!

Whewww!  I’m currently HURTING today!  I took a “red-eye” flight back from WA last night and everything was jacked from the beginning.  My dad and I hit major festival traffic going over to Seattle making the trek about 3 and half hours.  I got to the airport and my tickets wouldn’t print.  Turns out there had been a change in my flight – no worries, since it would get me to Chicago earlier.  Well, we were delayed since someone forgot to file a flight plan (whhaaa???) so I got in late.  On the plane, I was put in an exit row, which sounded amazing but the woman in the middle seat kept stealing my leg room.  NOT okay with this!  Sleep was a bit hard to come by and then I had to BOOK it to the train into the city.  From there I climbed Mt. Everest the stairs up to Clinton St (haha, they didn’t have an elevator – eek!) and made it to Union Station in record time.  Oh yeah, there was a freak rain shower on the way there!  I managed to grab some breaky/coffee and race back down to my train, which left about 2 mins later!  Yep, this little comedy of errors seemed out of control at the time and kind of on the stressful/exhausting side but ultimately, I made it back to my furry little guy, Simon.

All in all, I had a fantastic time home with my family.  I never stopped running from activity to activity, seeing friends and family and of course some shopping with my sister, Heidi :)  Here are some fun pics

bananas don’t travel well
oh yeah – just ran a wee little ways ;)
got to spend a day and a half with these cutie “goils”! Sarah and I have been besties since before 1st grade and these are her little ones!
worked on my photobombing skillzzz – this is my super radical grandma!
discovered a little slice of heaven called “a wine walk”
played tourist in my hometown – this is on the pier facing port angeles
the slug – the PNW’s official, umm… creature
had me a bit o’ spumoni – delish!
yeah… the height totally skipped me! these are two of my fave little “big” kiddies and they are only 16!
my second mom and niece at my mom’s memorial bbq
heid and I taking a break from making corn dogs at the party to pose all pretty
why YES, that is a horse head in my bed! my dad is a bit twisted and we do love our movies! I laughed so hard when I went to bed that night and found it, along with a note that said I had been “warned” by the mafia ;)

Haha, there you have it – a bit of my life/vaca in a nutshell!  Actually, I left out a huge chunk – CrossFit.  But that will be tomorrow and I don’t have any pictures of the carnage workouts.  I do want to give you my little review though so stop back!  OHHH!  And of course some pics of my treasures I brought back with me!












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