“I don’t think I can do this”… a crossfit review

Wow – ever notice how the first day back from vacation is stressful?!  There seems to be so much to do but where to start?  Ugh… at least it’s over!

I promised a review of CrossFit and I am going to deliver!  My brother-in-law, Sean, has been into CrossFit for about two years now.  He has been offering to take me with him to a work out but each time I’m home and I’ve put him off.  I really wanted to be able to walk during my vacation and he get’s there at 4:30 am!  This meant about a 5:30 am wake-up call for me.  Eww!

But this time, I caved and last Tuesday was my first day.  Sean is a trainer so it was cool that he got to take me through a quickie “on-ramp”.  On-ramp is your introductory to CrossFit.  The trainer goes through the 9 building blocks of CrossFit and then takes you through how to do them.  There is more to the info but I’ll let you read it here.

Squats are the devil.  At least this was what I took home with me the first day!  Usually, on-ramp is Tues/Thurs for two weeks but since I had a time schedule I went Tues-Fri and did my first real WOD (Workout Of the Day) with the group on Friday.  Wednesday, I had a banana for breakfast and it was trying to make a reappearance.  Sean told me it was okay to puke but there was no way I was going to puke during the warm-up!  Why is this important?  Because typically there is a warm-up, the WOD and then a cash-out (a cool down).  So while I don’t think vomiting during exercise is THAT embarrassing, doing it during the warm-up would be!

Needless to say, I was very sore the whole week.  I’m not completely out of shape but CrossFit really works a whole new set of muscles that I didn’t  even know I had!  I was aware I had no upper body strength – remember my t-rex arms?  We also figured out I needed to work on my flexibility since my range of motion for the exercises are crap.

this was me

Sean would tell me to do a certain thing and he probably heard, “I don’t think I can do that” about 300 times.  To say I was fairly intimidated is an understatement.  Running is good for me because it’s an individual sport and I know how to do it.  CrossFit is full of terms, strong people (they call them FIREBREATHERS – need I say more?!) and weight-bearing exercise.  I quickly found out two things: 1) Sean would tell me to do it anyway and 2) sometimes I was right and other times he was.  The nice thing is, all workouts can be scaled.  And while there are all kinds of strong bodies there are also all shapes and sizes of people striving for better health.  Now this is something I can get behind!

While I kept telling Sean I couldn’t do things, he kept telling me I could.  So I went back all four days.  Sean is a true believer and asked me if I wanted to keep going once I came back to Kzoo.  I said I wasn’t sure.  I was wavering.  It’s a bit costly (roughly 75-100 per month) and I have my marathon coming up.  I certainly didn’t run on the days I did CrossFit – mostly because my legs were like jello!  Sean contacted the owner of the CrossFit gym here to get more information and they have exchanged a few e-mails.  Sean told them about the challenges I had, marathon training and that I was intimidated.  Then Sean really raised the bar by telling me if I went to CrossFit then he would run a marathon with me!  He also wrote to the Kzoo owner and told him of our deal.  I know, now I can’t back out!

Did I enjoy it?  I really liked parts of it.  I felt stronger by the end of the four days, which I don’t think is likely but mindset is important!  I like how everyone sticks together and cheers for each other.  I also like how that the goal is for the body to constantly be challenged, even if you have been involved for a long time.  You are always working and pushing yourself to get better.  Maybe you can do more reps in the alloted time or more weight or you don’t have to scale it anymore.  I can definitely tell I would see progress.  I think the only part I am unsure about is the $… and the not being able to walk without whimpering thing :)


How does this fit into marathon training?  Well, I desperately need to add in some cross training.  Working out last week dispelled any denial I had remaining about my core/upper body strength!  Sean looked into it and the CrossFit gym here in Kzoo has endurance training, which matches my needs much better.  Oh and Sean said he was going to contact me everyday until I went out there and trust me, he will!  So, I’ll keep you posted.  I’m going to call tomorrow and set up an appointment.  Yep, I’m excited and NERVOUS! :)

*sorry for lack of pics!  Check out the highlighted sites though!


7 thoughts on ““I don’t think I can do this”… a crossfit review

  1. I would totally be into going with you!! :) CrossFit is intense…we did it in Chicago…keep me posted with info?!?!

  2. Love you Amy….. now get your butt in there and change your life :)….. Like I said, I’m willing to run 26+ miles through people dressed in costumes. I’m sure I’m going to punch goofy around mile 19.

  3. that photo of t-rex is hilarious. I’m not going to lie, i’m afraid of cross fit… not sure if its getting injured, looking extremely weak, or all the blisters thats kept me away, but i know right now its just not for me.

  4. You should definitely check it out around here! I looked at the website and the first visit is free. I’ll go with you if you want! Oh, and welcome back :)

  5. Let me just set the record straight on “what type of person it takes to do CrossFit”. If you’re currently bedridden, you can’t do CrossFit, everyone else CAN! We have athletes (Yes, everyone is considered an athlete) that range from 200+lb’s overweight to the super fit, kids younger than 6 all the way to 90 year olds. Bottom line, CrossFit is for everyone, your coach will help you scale the workouts according to your ability. Individual success is gained each day, you may get your first double-under, finally be able to squat below parallel, or maybe it’s finally not having to scale a certain movement.

    I just recently had one athlete (whose at least 150lb’s overweight) start CrossFit a few months ago – she’s been faithfully attending 3 classes a week. When she first started CrossFit she could not get herself off the ground without assistance. Fast forward a few months, not only has she lost over 30lb’s, but now she can get herself off the ground over 30 times (thank you burpees). This is her current success “I can standup if I fall down”.

    Bottom line, you can do it! Don’t let your mind defeat you.

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