welcome to funkville

My run tonight sucked.  Pure and simple.  I ran 2.5 miles and then stopped.  I didn’t want to run anymore.  Or maybe I did but didn’t have the energy.  Or the right attitude.  Who knows… I did walk the rest of the way – ended with 5.16 miles so I give myself a small high-five considering I could have turned the corner back to my apt earlier but it was certainly weak “marathon training”.


My endorphins forgot to show to the party.  Yeah, I’m in a funk.  Part of it is I’m trying to get back into a routine after vacation.  Part of it is I’m having some man issues – dudes, what is wrong with you?! ;) and the other part of it change is hard!  I’ve gotten better with dealing with change but it still takes me some time to get through it


I guess I’ll get over it…  Today and yesterday I spent several hours cleaning out my old office and moving all of my office-y business to my new office.  It’s not unpacked but I am glad it’s almost finished.  I’m ready for this neverendingmoveofthecentury to be over.  Seriously, I’ve spent more days packing/unpacking/moving this month than I haven’t!  The picture of my empty office will have to wait until tomorrow because I had a blogger fail and forgot!

Yesterday, as I was cleaning I knocked off a picture frame from a shelf and I tried to catch it but it hit my wrist instead.

:( it’s one of those scraps that bleeds and bruises

Yeppers, it HURT!  It kind of made me shocky too – not sure if it’s because it’s near my arteries or if it hit just right but even today it’s sore.  Not to mention, I have to head off the curious looks I get with the band-aid over my wrist.  Yes, I’ve had a challenging 6 months but in no way shape or form would that be an answer for me so it’s kind of awkward!

Tomorrow is a new week!  I’m working on confronting my man-issues, starting CrossFit tomorrow and new work duties await me bright and early in the morning.  Let’s hope this fake bravado get’s me through! ;)


p.s. don’t worry – I also have my friends wine and chocolate to get me through!

8 thoughts on “welcome to funkville

  1. yay for friends, wine, and chocolate! we are all here for you :) good luck this week…hopefully i’ll get to see you!

  2. wow i can relate to so much in this post- except the fluke wrist getting cut. men suck, moving is a headache, and sometimes running just isn’t fun. hope everything turns out soon

  3. Totally feel for you! Minus the move, I’ve been in that “not great run”, “what they heck does the man think” funk. It sounds like you’ve got a great plan for this week and some exciting things going on.

  4. moving can definitely put you in a funk! let yourself take a little break, regroup and then get back out there! sometimes the only way to get through is to keep going!! hang in there!!

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