noticing the little things

I’m slowly starting to get out of my funk :)  I’ve been paying attention to the little things that make the days just a little brighter.  Yesterday, I woke up ON TIME!  Yay!  Do you know how rare this is for a Monday morning?!  Then today, I was wearing an outfit that made me feel particularly sassy.  I wore a red peasant top with a blue and white chevron stripped skirt.  As I was walking from the grocery store early this morning a woman yelled out, “Excuse me miss, where did you get your skirt?”  I told her and she said, “It’s really cute!”  Double yay!  Seriously, folks, I was smiling for a solid 7 mins… OH!  And she called me “miss” – not ma’am!

The days are only getting crazier and crazier.  Today I filled in the person who is taking my former position.  If you ever want an ego boost or to realize simply how much knowledge is packed in your head – teach someone your old position!  I was a bit impressed with myself.  Tomorrow I have a presentation and it should go pretty well.  Oh and here is the long-awaited pic of my office!

just a wee bit sad…

Also, when I was cleaning my office this weekend, I found the signs my staff had made me for my first half marathon.  They were so great!  Training is supposed to be hard!  It’s supposed to get tiring and feel like it’s never-ending!  Seeing these signs reminded me that 1/2 marathons used to be SUPER scary to me but I still did it.  The marathon is the same!  (Please also notice the Sweat Pink laces!)

I know – pretty neato, eh?!

Oh and don’t forget to keep your floppy disks – FOREVER!

no, I can’t throw them away – is there any way to get this info off?

Tonight my friend, Emily came over and I opened one of my bottles of champagne I bought at Trader Joe’s.  I undid the foil and took the wire thingy off and got a towel to get the plastic cork off.  I turned away and POP!  The cork popped off by itself and flew into the air!  It freaked me out and I screamed just a wee bit :)  It was peach flavored – I strongly recommend it!

Last, I want to say thanks so much for all of your support in my funk!  I know some of you are going through a funk as well for a variety of reasons and I am cheering for you all!  We can get through it!  Noticing the small things, remembering not to take ourselves too seriously, and like my good friend Kara told me, “there IS a light at the end of the tunnel”.  When I told her I didn’t see it, she reminded me it’s there.  Tonight I rearranged my living room a bit and organized some more.  The cuteness factor went way up!  Another positive!  And remember the dude-drama?  It’s eased a bit… friends for now…  I commented on a post by Kindergarten Crush (check out her blog!  She is such an inspiration!).  She was talking about the men she dated after her husband passed and I responded something about my last relationship going belly up.  She was kind enough to reply the following:

LOL ugh, I feel for you! It’s rough but I truly believe that when you live your own life and make your goals a priority, love will fall into place. Happened for me that way the first time as well as the second :) Hang in there girl!

Isn’t this fantastic advice?!  I’ve been thinking about it a lot and it’s picked me up a bit and reminded me to focus!  Again, thanks for all of your comments – I really do think about the advice!

4 thoughts on “noticing the little things

  1. I am glad that you are getting over your funk, it sounds like you are having a fantastic week so far. Have you tried the Moscato champagne from TJ’s (its pink & has pink bubbles on the label)??? It is amazing. I love it and it is always sold out.
    Your floppy disks made me laugh. I haven’t seen one of those in ages! :-)

  2. This is so funny.. I am reading a book now where her parents wrote a book about “Amazing Amy.”

    I think we need a pic of your amazing outfit as well :)

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