color me happy

Oh my… I had a FUN weekend!  I think most minutes were filled with friends, laughs and food. Today’s dose of smiles and laughter?  The Color Run!  Wahoo!!

This 5k was a lot of fun!  In fact, it might have been the most fun I’ve had at a race of this nature :)  Right away, all that was visible was a sea of white as everyone was ready to get drenched in color.  The race officially started at 8 am and they did wave starts considering there were roughly 8,000 people participating.  On the way there, I made a tee for the day.  Freehand baby and in the moving car – my skillz in action!

yeah – I did that flower upside down, while I was wearing it! who says I didn’t learn anything in college?!

Seriously, there were folks of all different ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.  I loved the inclusive feel of the race and while it would have been fairly impossible to run the whole thing (we were dodging people left and right) the run was more about having a good time.  We registered as a team as this lowered the cost and in our group were veteran runners and rookies.  A large group of us stayed together, which just added to our enjoyment.

There were color “stations” that you ran through and volunteers sprayed colored powder on you.  I wasn’t sure I would like it but it was a blast!  We took waterproof cameras with us so once they are uploaded I’ll be sprinkling in a few throughout the rest of the week!

just a sample of pics to come! me and larissa post race

In your race packet you got a t-shirt, a sweatband and a pack of color to shower yourself and friends with at the end of the race.  Our whole team got yellow so we were a bit one shade by the end.  Oh yeah, we were covered in color – yay!  They had volunteers with leaf blowers that blew a lot of the loosey-goosey powder away but trust me, we were still pretty bright and cheery.

us gals, super happy and color coated :)

Want to know one of the things that was a bit annoying?  They didn’t include safety pins in our packet for our bibs! Boo!  I didn’t get my packet until the morning since the race was 45 mins away, so I had to carry it the whole time.  A lame thing to find a problem with but be forewarned, bring your own pins!

I would completely recommend this race!  It sells out quickly, and is a bit more expensive than the average 5k.  Nevertheless, it seemed people were EXCITED to be out exercising and this was infectious and crazy fun!  It was so open to anyone (there were not timing chips) which is pretty incredible if you ask me.

All in all, it was a great weekend – wait did I mention that?!  The ONLY drawback was it was a wee bit on the unhealthy side as far as eating is concerned and I’m feeling it this Sunday eve.  The whole summer I’ve focused on not throwing all of my healthy habits/work from the week out of the window during the weekend.  I’ve done fairly well with this.  The fact I threw caution to the wind with the resulting bloat is a damn good reminder why I’ll be going back to this practice.  Undoing hard work during the week is so not worth going for broke in the calorie budget on a couple of days!

Oh! I got to hang out with this sweet face since Larissa let me do 4 or 5 loads of laundry – Thanks Larissa!

such a cute puppy! shhh! don’t tell simon ;)

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