i survived

Tonight was my first Fundamentals Crossfit session!  I’m definitely sore and tired but I made it!  Actually, when the trainer said, “It’s 7:05 and we are done” I was surprised.  I didn’t realize we had been there for a whole hour.  Don’t get me wrong, I was beat and SUPER grateful we were finished.  I was also proud I made it!

So what did we do?  Our warm-up consisted of a 50 meter run, 20 lunges, repeat the run, 10 inch worms, repeat the run, 20 jumping jacks, repeat the run and then either 10 or 20 mountain climbers.  I know.  It was tough.  I am not sure how long this was for but I’m guessing around 10 or 15 mins?  Since we are a fundamentals class we then moved into technique.  I have already gone through this type of session back home but I knew I would go through it again.  I welcome more tips/training.  Especially considering I seem to depend on my quads rather than my  glutes during squats.  Must depend more on glutes!

The WOD was made up of running 200 meters and wall balls.  The nice thing about this was it combined something I’m good at (running) with something that makes me feel like the weakest person on the planet (wall balls)!

In other news, I went and saw the new Batman movie last night – I enjoyed it!  There was a movie poster for the upcoming last Twilight movie and someone had written this next to it

you know the writer of this is going to see the movie, too!

Yes, I am a fan but this still made me laugh!

Also, looking for some compression socks on the cheap?  Check out the Schwaggle deal for PRO compression socks!  Put in the deal “SOCKS” and you get them half off AND free shipping!  Pretty sweet, eh?

Oh my gosh – how I have missed buying these?!

you know you want them too!*


Short post today… I am exhausted from my fun-filled weekend, need to finish 3 or 4 work projects and had a busy day doing tasks for my new gig :)

*sorry!  my good friend sent me this and I don’t have the link!


4 thoughts on “i survived

  1. Love the car lashes, lol.
    I got two new pairs of compression sleeves to add to my collection….white & the red USA ones. :-)
    Glad you survived your first CF class. You are going to be an even stronger runner now.

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