uh-oh marley

My sister and her family got a new puppy about 3 months ago.  The puppy’s name is Marley and she is such a cutie!  When I went back for a visit, I got to hang out with Marley quite a bit.  As I’ve gotten older animals seem to like me more and more.  I have no idea why but it’s sweet and Marley was no different!  Here she is!

***sorry!  network issues-pic tomorrow!***

Well, Marley likes to get under everyone’s feet, especially in the kitchen; she is a puppy after all!  Nevertheless, it makes cooking and cleaning a bit tougher so instead of yelling “NO!” every 10 seconds, the family simply says, “uh-oh Marley” and she walks out.  It rolls off the tongue, trust me!  I started saying it at home and now I say it here too when something is going wrong :)

What’s going wrong this evening?  Hmm… I don’t think I am going to be able to raise my arms in the morning!  Day 2 of crossfit was a success albeit a hard-fought one!  Turns out I don’t do a burpee correctly – of course doing it correctly involves more muscle than I have but maybe someday.  We also did an activity (as part of the “cool down” – clearly I have a VERY different concept of a cool down) where we put our feet up on a box and got in plank position.  We were supposed to go around the box clockwise using our hands.  Does this make sense?  You went around for 30 seconds.  Umm… good grief.  We did 8 of these.  By the third one I couldn’t go around the box anymore and would just try to hold the plank.  It was intense.  The other issue?  I have a large basket of laundry in the front seat of my car, also something I can no longer lift at the moment!

dang! why didn’t I bring this in on sunday?!

I was sore this morning when I woke up.  My legs were tight, especially my hammies and my chest and back seemed to have arrived to the hurt-party.  Driving to training tonight, I knew I was in for it!  Sure enough, driving home my arms were useless!  I need to learn to drive with my feet!  Don’t I look so pretty after a workout?!

I was drippy with sweat when we were finished!  and yes, I could pack for a trip around the world in those bags!

What I am enjoying is I have convinced myself that I’ve joined a sport. Back in high school when I was part of the swim team, practice started in August a few weeks before classes started.  There was something about preparing for competition as a team and feeling wrecked when you got home from a workout.  This is bringing back those feelings and motivation!  I like it!

4 thoughts on “uh-oh marley

  1. LOL GREAT all around post. Also, it will take a several weeks for soreness to subside (notice I didn’t say “go away”) it never goes away. Did I tell you my abs are wrecked “thank you CrossFit”

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