i need more peanut butter – stat!

Yay!  Here is Marley!

isn’t she sweet?! of course she is much bigger now but still a lil’ sweetheart

What.a.day.  Good grief.  I am so happy it’s practically over.  We started training at 8:30 am and the day didn’t start out the best.  Not to get terribly personal, but I was (sort of?  more on this later) diagnosed with PCOS.  This is polycystic ovary syndrome.  I get horrible, terrible, no good, very bad cramps.  They wake me up at night right when it’s time to take more meds, I pump Motrin 800’s into my body like candy and it still doesn’t knock out the pain.  I also massively bloat, am usually dragging and who can forget the ever popular emotional roller coaster?  So much fun!  Today, I cried before 10:30 am, then again in the afternoon and then again on the way home from crossfit.  The next couple of days will only be marginally better :/

One reason I was upset this morning?  Because I was out of this

my favorite peanut butter! this wasn’t the only reason but it certainly didn’t help!

After an all day training session, I was working on a presentation when my internet went down.  Boo.  I worked up until it was time for crossfit and then hightailed it across town.  For some reason today was sucky.  I was REALLY sore, felt like a chubby bunny and while I joke around about being built like a t-rex, it’s kind of depressing to realize it’s true.  It’s also embarrassing.  Usually I don’t mind being the one who is weaker or slower but my ego was all sensitive tonight.

Crossfit got over and I needed a boost.  Even though it’s not recommended to work out within 3 hours of a session (before or after) I thought I needed to go for a run.  Haha, that turned into a run/walk because they were right – you are tired!  Finally, I finished my presentation and am able to reunite with my couch.  Oh and I was able to bring in my basket of laundry :)  Speaking of which, I tried these the other day

I liked them!


I did the math and they are fairly comparable to liquid detergent. Especially considering they have detergent, a stain fighter and some kind of color booster all in one.  I like that I don’t have to haul around a bunch of different bottles too.  My new place doesn’t have a washer/dryer (yeah, it was like finding out Santa didn’t exist all over again) so these are helpful.  Since I typically don’t use a stain fighter on a regular basis or a color booster, the price may not be as cheap vs. just soap but I’ll figure that out once I have my own w/d (someday!).


I’m not exaggerating – I won’t be able to use my arms tomorrow.  This morning I struggled with turning off my alarm clock!  And we hit the push-ups HARD tonight!  Seriously, I will pay you $5 million dollars if you come over and help me get ready for work in the morning! ;)

p.s. special thanks to my commentors yesterday for the compliments!  They were such a bright spot!




5 thoughts on “i need more peanut butter – stat!

  1. Keep your chin up, the easy day was yesterday.

    You already know this, your body is not used to being used, it’s going to take time for you to adjust. Remember flexibility is gained through training. More importantly, remember this day. You’re going to be better tomorrow than you were today, and so on and so forth.

  2. keep up the good work!!! hardest time of the year so keep your chin up and you’ll get through it!! :)

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