my hiatus is over

You know what’s awesome?  To have fans!  Haha, not only are my readers amazing – love all the comments folks! but my sister is pretty fantastic as well!  Just a shout out to you Heid!

Unfortunately, I broke my blogging streak.  Boo!  The challenge is for all of August so now I’m jumping back on the wagon.  I had a work retreat on Thursday and Friday and I was completely exhausted all day yesterday.  I got dressed (not sure why) and ended up at Target because my poor toaster bit the dust.  All I wanted were my nutri-grain Eggo waffles.  That’s it.  I searched my boxes for that stinkin’ toaster and an hour later – SUCCESS!  Then it didn’t work – FAILURE!  Haha… oh well.  (btw – you should check out the calorie stats on these – they are pretty great!)

I also worked on my apt this weekend.  One of my other friends has also just moved and she said unloading boxes would definitely help me feel less crazed.  I moved things around in my kitchen and rearranged my living a bit.  Again.  You know what I noticed?  Cords are so freaking short on appliances!  What the hay?  My toaster barely reached the outlet and the new  spot for my microwave means it’s about 2 feet short of an outlet.  Luckily, I found an extension cord, right in time for my yummy leftovers!  Here is a minor service announcement – if you ever need to plug in an appliance to an extension cord and the appliance is going to use some serious power, use a serious extension cord.  Trust me!  After some cord meltage and a mini fire I learned the hard way :)

Alright, let me tell you a bit about my lunch turned dinner for tonight.  I had a tasty lunch with my dear friend Larissa and then we went to the new Bourne movie.  Jeremy Renner is delish.  I’m not kidding.

umm… I’ll be going to see the movie again :)

We each got the southwestern quesadilla and man, oh man was it GOOD!  There was a layer of avocado inside with black beans, corn, chicken and cheese.  I love finding super yummy things on menus and then recreating them at home.  I will be making this very soon.  At the retreat, we went to dinner and I had a really good Mahi Mahi sandwich with an orzo salad on the side.  I was a bit leery of this salad but I was NOT disappointed.  Yep, you guessed it, I have already purchased some orzo and am going to try to recreate it.

Then I laced up my Asics and decided to hit the pavement.  I was nervous.  My last (sort of) run was weak, short and made me feel like I was 105 years old.  Before that, there weren’t too many runs to speak of where I felt any good aside from my half marathon.  My first mile was all up hill and I thought it was going to be like the rest of my runs lately.  So, I kind of tuned out and started plugging away.  I looked down at almost mile two and my garmin said 9:52!  Great scott!  Where did this come from?!  I kept pushing and wanted 6 miles.  I made it with an average pace of 10:18.  I was very pleased with this!  It also helped that it was only 72*!!  Oh man, I love these lower temps of the last few days.

Anyway, while on the retreat, I made some VERY responsible decisions…

like checking for bed bugs!

can’t be too careful! my roomie and I were very diligent

sharing 2 desserts because sometimes you simply can’t make a decision

it was a bread pudding that had a beer mixed in somewhere and then a mango rum cheesecake. wow. the bread pudding knocked our socks off

and of course shoes.

new toms! yay! these were the pair I wanted originally and I’m so happy with them!

I made some other very good decisions – an awesome new lamp for my apt, some new shoes for crossfit (for $20!!) and some chocolate covered nuts.  Oh and I did a decent job on my presentation – that was a good decision too!



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