the rolling stones know their stuff

I saw this today on Pinterest on the Sweat Pink Sister inspiration board.  It was exactly what I needed to hear today.  As a total over-analyzer I often ponder the question if everything happens for a reason.  I struggle with this when I hear about sad/bad things happening to others or when my mom passed.  In fact, last week, I had a couple of sad dreams about my mom.  The dream on Tuesday night (into Wednesday, a.k.a “meltdown day” – hmm, imagine that?!) was a bad one.  I dreamt she just left my family and I kept saying over and over that she would have never done this; there must be some mistake.  I woke up in the early hours of the morning and a huge sense of relief washed over me as I knew mom hadn’t left.  But it took me a few minutes for it to register that she had died.  Yes, this was a tad overwhelming.  Add this to the monthly hormonal imbalance, trying to get used to my new position at work, starting crossfit, and I have been an emotional basket case for almost a week now.  I’m trying to pull and keep it together.  I have my moments of success but other times, I haven’t done as well.  Note to self:  Amy, you are a total sap – don’t watch the Harry Potters where Dumbledore and Diggory die – TOO SAD!  Good thing no one was around!  This quote is amazing!  I’m going to plaster it in my apt and in my office!

On to less depressing matters… I got my new running shoes today!  The Brooks PureFlow!  I am very excited to put them to the test.  My goal is a run in the morning but it all depends how I feel.  Why might I be sore?  CrossFit baby!  Tonight’s session went okay.  We did a load of burpees, which made all parts of my body cry a little!  Why are burpees so hard?  Why does my chest have to hit the ground?!  Haha, burpees – you do NOT complete me!  The coach came over to me to help me with technique for my air squat.  He told me to relax – apparently I am one giant ball of tension!  I explained I didn’t want to do it wrong – that I like to do things well even if I’m slower than the rest of the group.  As a swimmer, I was usually in last place but I had killer form!  The coach’s response tonight, “well, relax because you ARE doing it wrong!”  Oh, ok, good to know.  Then he also explained he was going to START pushing me.  Uh-oh Marley.

ooo – the purple is fantastic!

One of my co-workers sent this to me today with the following caption

have you ever made a sweater for simon?

Haha, thankfully, I have NOT ever made Simon a sweater!  That might be crossing the line into cat lady territory :)

Oh!  I also got my 1/2 off compression socks in the mail!  Yay!  They are bright red and I really like them.  They don’t squish my feet (toes)  like my other pair.  I have rather large feet for my height (I wear 7 and 1/2 in regular shoes and 8’s in running shoes and I am only 5’2).  Sometimes compressions socks feel they are too short for my feet!

I was a bit sore this morning from my run last night but I 100% don’t regret it.  I felt powerful and it was a major ego boost.  I needed it.  I also took pics of my tummy so I could track my progress on a weekly basis.  I have no intention of posting these just yet!  Ha!  Sorry but I need to actually see some progress before I’m comfortable blasting them all over the internet.  Last week I felt mega hungry all week and I’m hoping this was simply the hormones and not the effects of crossfit.  I will say I was hungry when I got home tonight and I think I need to start cooking food for the week on Sunday.  I end up making less than stellar choices or I nickel and dime my calories.  Tonight I had cereal but I am still hungry… ugh!


2 thoughts on “the rolling stones know their stuff

  1. Pretty sure we got the same compression socks. Did you use the schwaggle deal for the pro compression socks? I got the red USA pair and a pair of white ones to add to my collection. I wore the white ones tonight just for the heck of it on my bike ride. I didn’t know if I would like the socks since I have tiny feet, but the XS fits me perfect AND the socks are much easier to get off than the sleeves. I am loving them!

    I really like your new Brooks!!! I am going to try the Pure Project shoes again this fall. I had to send my first ones back last spring because they weren’t flexible enough over the top of my foot. I really didn’t want to send them back since they were so comfy.

  2. I hate the dreams that seem so REAL and then you wake up and still have that feeling. I think it’s totally normally to dream about your mom, but sorry it made you wake up feeling so sad! Hopefully next time it’s a happy dream!

    Have you tried compression sleeves? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about the feet part so much.

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