simon threw up on my journal

When you come home and find that your darling pet has thrown up on your journal, it takes a couple of deep breaths before finding SERENITY NOW!  (Seinfeld anyone?)  Of course I could never get mad at the little guy for some vomit – he has braved the move, hung out here while I visited my family (don’t worry, someone took care of him!) and when he does throw up, it looks like the most painful thing ever.  Luckily, he threw up on blank pages – nice aim, buddy!

yeah, I am a total sucker for this lil’ guy

Do any of you keep a journal?  I have for a long time now.  It helps, when my mind seems all chaotic, to write down these thoughts that I wouldn’t burden you all with!  Trust me, they are that dramatic!  However, journaling led me to writing this blog and I believe it will eventually help me get to writing books.  My friend sent me this yesterday and it made my day!

Tonight is a major milestone for me.  Usually, around this time, every August, I am staying up through the wee hours of the night getting things ready for my staff to arrive in the morning.  This year, with my new job, I am hanging out in my apt!  Yay!  There is still truckloads of work to get done but it’s very different.  It’s pretty exciting!

I also missed crossfit tonight but went for a run.  I had to work late again and there simply wasn’t time to get out there.  I decided not to fret and instead once I got out of the office took off.  It was only about 80* but still felt warm.  I did manage to hold onto some 9:34 – 9:45ish paces after a slower start (all uphill) but by the time I reached mile two I was feeling sick.  I stopped and drank some water and thought this would help.  Unfortunately, I still lost it – luckily I hit up a bar across the street and managed to NOT puke my guts out on the side of the road :)  I drank a bit more water and felt good enough to finish the last two miles.  My pace was 10:40 average.  I was pleased I finished.  My legs felt tired and sore especially after all of the air squats we did on Monday.

You know what I realized though?  I do love running!  I love the fact I can simply take off from my front door and just GO.  There is so much freedom in this.  Even when I have a crappy run, I still feel so accomplished when I am done.  Maybe I will get there with crossfit as well.  Maybe once I feel like I can actually do the WOD’s better, I will leave with the same feelings I get after I run.  Or maybe I won’t.  After crossfit, I always feel this sense of, “great scott – I can’t believe I finished that!” so perhaps this is the start.  We’ll see…

Oh and I had this deliciousness for lunch and the other half for dinner.  I inhaled this puppy!  I LOVE sandwiches! :)  Plus the Subway guy thought I was cute so I got extra veggies!

man, I could probably eat this everyday…

5 thoughts on “simon threw up on my journal

  1. I think I told you this before – with CrossFit, you will look at WODs and think “there’s no way I can do it”. What you’ll find as time goes on is that you can do it, and you’re getting better at things. Don’t get me wrong, when you give your 100%, no matter if it’s on day 1 or day 500. It’s still your 100%, meaning it’s always going to be tough.

    Also, anytime you see a WOD and you think to yourself “that doesn’t look so bad”. Be afraid, be very afraid. It never fails, that hard looking WODs are tough, but the one’s that look easy typically leave you on the floor in the fetal position.

  2. You’re right that is the best part about running! I missed my training run last night – work has just been so busy and I had a computer virus that knocked me off the work grid for a while – catch up is crazy! I didn’t feel bad about missing it though – life happens!!

  3. Awesome run! One of the reasons I love running too is because you can just go outside and do it. Plus it’s faster to get places running vs walking haha

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