stress always spices things up a bit

I haven’t written here much in the last couple of days for a few reasons.

1)  I haven’t been very active.  In fact, I have been downright exhausted, which means I’ve been utterly lazy.  So exhausted that on Thursday, I had a migraine and called off of work for the rest of the day and only went into work on Friday because there was a somewhat mandatory meeting that morning.

2)  I sometimes feel like a fraud when I talk about healthy habits when I am not, in fact, taking part in any healthy habits of my own.

3)  Work.  More work.  Then some more work.

4)  I’ve been feeling STRESSSSSSSED!

Today, I’m working on a presentation for student staff training tomorrow and we are talking about stress.  My section is to discuss how your  stress can impact the job and your life.  Hmmm… yep, pot calling kettle, party of one?!  Reading the symptoms of stress (that I will be sharing with college age students) I read several that applied to me:  exhaustion, pulling away from friends/family, lack of wanting to do anything, pulling away from personal responsibilities and overeating.  Yep, there were a couple of other ones too but these were the biggies for me.  It’s funny, because when I read them a light went off, even though I already knew I felt stressed.  It’s like I needed some validation (thanks google!  you da bomb!)


So, what is my plan to deal with it?  Here is my list:

Well, some of it will simply take time.  Moving and starting a new job IS stressful!  Yes, indeed, these two examples were given!  And being the freaker-outer-over-change person that I am, I should have seen this coming.  I could have possibly, you know, PREPPED myself for it!  But I didn’t, well, not really.  I knew it would wig me out but I had no idea it would make me feel so unsettled.

Stick to my routines.  I’m currently lacking in an overall routine because the school year hasn’t started yet.  We are all in some form of training, which means everyone’s schedules are out of whack.  However, there are a few things I could be doing consistently.  Going to crossfit M-TR.  Running in the mornings, MWF and then long runs on either Sat or Sun.  Being able to rely on SOME sort of schedule would help me feel a bit more in control at this point.


Unpack all of my crap.  I am waiting on some shelving in order to completely finish but today I tackled a big project: my clothes!  I did pretty well.  I need to move a dresser over here and then flip my bed around.  Then I will be able to stuff seasonal items under my bed and my bedroom will look a lot better.  Even the few hours I put in today has made a difference.

Eat better.  I realized the other day I’ve been eating kind of poorly lately.  Whether it’s unhealthy meals, skipping meals or simply non-stop grazing I am NOT doing my body good!  Yesterday I went to the store and dropped a dime or two on a lot of fruits and veggies.  I need to start cooking meals again too because that’s when I turn to whatever is quickest.

Hydrate!  I ran out of water the other day and was basically rationing what I had until I could get to the store.  This was ridiculous.  Today I felt super dehydrated on my run.  I have since restocked but still, I need to be drinking more since I am demanding more from my body.


Sleep!  What is my issue?  Or for you 80’s kiddies, “what’s my damage?”  I’m completely confused as to why I’ve been going to bed so late these last few weeks.  CRAZY!  I am so tired – all the time!  Not to mention, I should be going to bed even earlier now that I am working out way more than I have in… umm… YEARS!

Cut myself some slack!  Yes, this is a huge one!  I have major expectations of myself and my body.  I want to be able to perform to the level I want without always putting in the prep time to get it there.  This is not a new habit, unfortunately.  Nevertheless, I am finding the older I get the less I can get by on the “minimum” amount of prep.  In all facets of my life.  Boo!  I liked outperforming my training!  This is also a major realization for me.  Denial is a fun place.  Until you can barely walk because you “ran” a marathon unprepared!


There you go… I feel confident I can get back on track in a couple of weeks as long as I stick to this game plan.  It’s never fun to feel stressed but now that I’ve identified it, accepted it and have a plan to deal with it maybe I will feel better.  Or at least a bit more proactive rather this all of this reactive business!

How do you all deal with stress?

8 thoughts on “stress always spices things up a bit

  1. Support…..100%!!! =) And as for this pulling away business…no more! Let’s get some plans together soon!!! (Dave is busy this Friday & Saturday…..?!?!)

  2. Good luck getting through the week! Maybe try to think of some of the things you ” have” to do on this plan AS your stress relievers….Cross Fit, running, and eating right :) xoxo

  3. BOO for stress!!!!! Great plan of attack though! Now, go get em’!!

    PS- I feel like that e-card about the Law and Order Marathon was made for me and there’s a verrrrry high chance I’ll actually think about it when I’m (attempting) to run the marathon in October. LOVE it.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are so stressed out. :-(
    It sounds like you have a good plan of attack to make it go away. Hopefully once you get settled into your new place and job things will be much better.

  5. Sorry you’re feeling so much pressure right now. Stress can really do a number on you, but it sounds like you’ve got a great plan in place for accomplishing what you need to. Love the visuals! They cracked me up! Good luck on all you hope to accomplish this week!

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