8 weeks… NO! i’m not preggers!

Thanks so much for all of your kind words and support!  You all rock!

I started following the agenda I previously posted about getting out from under stress last night.  I went to bed early.  I know – a small miracle!  Guess what?!  I felt better today!  I also headed to crossfit.  I was nervous, since it had been a week since I last showed my face there but I shouldn’t have been.  They were very welcoming and I jumped right in… to a HARD workout!  After the warm-up my thighs were on fire!  Luckily, we had some running today, which is something I can do!  Yay :)  I felt that I worked really hard today and I certainly enjoyed the endorphins.

Why did I work so hard today?  Because THIS is only 8 weeks away!!!  HOLY CANNOLI!

where did the time go?!

Today I was perusing facebook and I saw a post by Nike that announced the FULL marathon was only 8 weeks away.  I about lost my lunch!  I booked my ticket a few minutes ago.  S*#t just got real.  I love saying this – I feel like an early 90’s action flick superhero!  I told my crossfit coach tonight  the race was just 8 weeks away and his response?  “No problem”.  Yes, he and I have a very different idea behind the meaning of this phrase!

I also hit up another item on my list and got organized.  I met with my teaching assistant and we hammered out the whole semester.  I also ventured to one of my sacred lands

my happy place

What can I say?  I love office supplies!  I went in to buy a planner but shame on you Office Depot!  They were charging almost $20 per planner!  I quickly headed over to Target and picked one up for $7 smackers.

Also on my list?  I spent some time with one of my besties this evening.  We went for a long walk and caught up on life.  Em still goes to yoga (somehow I fell off that train) and she said the yoga instructor told the class, “Be kind to yourself.  The world beats up on you quite a bit, why do you add to it?”  I may have gotten the direct quote wrong but the first sentence is correct.  Be kind to yourself.  How incredible is this message?  Yep, it’s taking me longer to adjust but who cares?!  I’m stressed – but I am working through it.  I need to stop beating myself up for it, accept it and give myself a pat on the back for persevering.  A friend posted this on facebook a couple of weeks ago and I thought it fit well here tonight


5 thoughts on “8 weeks… NO! i’m not preggers!

  1. Happy the words resonated with you :). So great to see you! You are looking awesome, and are going to complete a FULL marathon in t-8 weeks!

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