a back to school crafty

Well, it’s time… students start arriving back to campus tomorrow.  It’s a little nuts – I feel like they just left!  Everyone is all ready to go!  For the staff that I supervise, I wanted to give them a little something to celebrate opening with as well as a “job well done!” through all of training.  We have been in training just shy of a month so A LOT of effort has been put into getting things ready to go – they deserved it!

Luckily, pinterest and I are tight I found a couple of cute ideas.  I supervise 12 individuals and 7 of them are assistants to the other 5.  Everyone got a bit of candy and some really cute post its I found at Office Depot

oh office supplies… you complete me

I put all of this in a brown paper lunch sack along with a package of microwave popcorn and a can of pop.  On the front I wrote, “POP, POP, FIZZ, FIZZ, WHAT A GREAT HD YOU IS!” or whichever title belonged to them.  I also wrote a little message.  They turned out cute!

I love a good rhyme!

Finally, the 5 got a little extra something.  I made them little wipe-off boards out of an inexpensive picture frame – thank you again pinterest!  I wrote a “to-do list” for each of them that was personal for them and (hopefully) humorous.  These turned out really cute!  I was pleased!

yay! cute is totally my thing :)

I used some bright yellow notebook paper as the backing but you could spice it up any way you wanted!  Originally, I was going to rummage through my scrapbook paper to find paper that went along with something they liked to do but it would have raised the complication level a wee bit.  I tend to pick the hardest way to do things when sometimes simple is okay too.  Nevertheless, putting fun paper would be an easy way to personalize this a bit more for a giftie.  I also gave them each a wipe-off board marker.

Yippee!  I love doing little projects like this!  Since I do tend to overcomplicated things at times, the projects don’t always get finished.  I’m working on this habit!  These are all finished and have already been delivered.  Score one point for me!

There you go!  A cute back to school project that is very simple, fairly cheap and USEFUL!


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