running and I are in love

Many people recommend consistency as the key to success with running…

Right… Quite right… to call my training “consistent” this last month would be a stretch of the imagination and it certainly showed in my running last night and tonight!  Last night I did my speedy 5k.  My time was about 30 mins – I say about because in sweaty confusion I thought a 5k was 3.2 rather than 3.1.  For 3.2, I managed to get 30.50.  I was pleased with this but I did have to stop twice (untimed) to catch my breath.  I did the 40 min time trial tonight and it was less than stellar.  Now, I’m sitting here in pink shorts and bright red compression socks.  I know, how am I still single?!

But I am determined to turn this around and not allow a bad month of training be the end of my marathon story.  First, on Friday night I watched Spirit of the Marathon.  Have you seen it?  I loved it and I’ll probably watch it again!  Okay, I’ll probably watch it more than one more time.  It wasn’t a “how-to” as far as training or running a marathon.  It’s simply the story of some runners getting ready for the Chicago Marathon along with the history of the marathon.  I definitely got shivers as I imagined myself at the start line.  I LOVE being at start lines.  Yes, I am always giddy and nervous but even more than that I love feeling part of this huge community.  People at the start line understand me, know a bit about what I’ve been through the last few months and get my crazy affair with running.  None of them are going to ask, “why are you doing this?!” or say, “you PAID to run?  they didn’t pay you?”.  Nope, they get it.

it just so happens my dear friend and I are taking on all 26.2 in San Fran together, too!

During my first half marathon, I still remember cresting a hill and seeing crowds of runners in front of me.  It was emotional.  I had waited so long to get there and I knew then and there, I BELONGED!

My running excitement was tweaked this week when Nike announced the course for the marathon.  Head’s up… it looks long ;)

Can we all take a look at this first hill?!  What in the heeellllll?!  Is that a 90* angle?  No, seriously, I hated geometry!  Maybe not but it does look like it’s going to hurt!  What I appreciate is after a hilly start, I’ll be able to shuffle across relatively flat lands (in comparison to the first part of the course) the rest of the way.  No matter what, I know it’s going to be an amazing experience.  I can hardly wait to call myself “a marathoner”.  I have barely let myself believe I’ll have earned this title in 6 short weeks but now it’s time to recognize it is going to be a reality and TRAIN like a marathoner!  I’m not simply a person who flirts with running!  Haha, yes, this commitment-phobe has to come to terms with the fact that running and I are in a long-term relationship! :)  Ooooo, scary!  Guess, I should show running a little attention and romance, eh?


2 thoughts on “running and I are in love

  1. What IS that elevation! I have no idea! I can’t even mentally prepare because my ability to read an elevation map does not exist. Wonder what a similar hill is like? At least they know that runners look much more impressive running downhill and so ended it with one :)

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