I should probably just febreeze myself after crossfit

I’ve been completely lost on what day it is ever since I woke up this morning.  This weekend was a working weekend so already, I was a bit mixed up and then with the holiday, I didn’t really have any hope.  In fact, I kinda thought it was Thursday.  Luckily, I managed to get to my morning meeting on time as well as dazzle my class with my wit and charm.  Well, as much as you can dazzle 18 year olds with anything.

This morning I woke up early and was kind of wondering if I was going to run.  Then I saw this

LOTS of rain came down!

I decided I was going to try to run at lunch.  Nope, didn’t happen.  It was a really busy day with work, my first day of teaching this semester and a whole handful of items that needed to be attended to from the weekend.  As 5 pm rolled around, I could feel my energy waning.  Thankfully, I had planned ahead and put my gym bag in my car so I didn’t have to go to my apt.  Finally!  A brilliant moment for me!  I drove out to crossfit almost turning around at every intersection!  And guess what?!  I actually had some decent (girlie) push ups tonight!  I am super proud of myself and can feel my arms getting stronger!

I am definitely getting more and more comfortable with crossfit.  I no longer feel like an imposter who is trying to keep up with everyone else.  Isn’t hindsight funny?  When I think back to running, I don’t remember hating it at first but when I concentrate I know I did.  In fact, I’m sure simply getting out of the door on a daily basis was tough.  It took time to build the confidence with running and now I always know I am capable.  Even though I know crossfit will hurt each night, I no longer think I won’t be able to do it.  Now, I haven’t had to climb the rope yet (yeah, that is sooo going to be a joke!) but I do appreciate the unwavering faith all of the coaches have in us.  I think they are crazy but I appreciate it!

It was very humid today and by the time I finished the warm-up and WOD, I was NASTY!  Holy cow – I was a disaster.  So of course I went to Target and figured I needed to buy this

guess I’m a stinky gal

I know – it’s massively extra strength!  I think the other Target patrons were wishing I used it in the store.

I also picked this up tonight

thanks paul – you da bomb

This coffee is FANTASTIC!  The flavor is excellent, holds up well to being made as iced coffee and it’s free trade.

All in all, I’m surprised I had as much energy today as I did.  I was in the office early, was running around all day and had a full to do list.  I was positive getting up early would leave me needing a nap.  Baby steps to running in the morning, maybe?  Haha, we’ll see!

2 thoughts on “I should probably just febreeze myself after crossfit

  1. LOVE this post. Having witnessed many CrossFit transformations, I always love it when people start believing in themselves. You can do anything, you put your mind to.

    Keep it up.

  2. I think I might need to buy that febreeze too. I am a stinky chica after I get done working out. It has been fun hearing how much you have improved since starting cross fit. I love it when I can actually feel myself transforming. Keep it up!

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