i’m a skipper

I’m a skipper.  Yesterday, I wrote about how good crossfit is/was and yet tonight I skipped.  Part of me didn’t want to but another part of me simply wanted to RUN.  I didn’t want to talk to people.  I didn’t want to be positive.  I just wanted to be on my own and get some miles under me.  I was a super grump.

The first few steps were tough.  My legs were stiff and felt full of lead.  The route I took was uphill for the first part and it made me feel like I would never make it.  I was frustrated and considered stopping for a moment and turning around but I pressed onward.  I kept telling myself this is how you are going to feel when you are running 26.2 so you had better suck it up and keep moving.  So that’s what I did.

I ran 6.2 – oh yes, I really wanted that .2 to make it an even 10k.  I did it in one hour and seven mins.  Definitely not my fastest time but I haven’t run that far in a few weeks.  When I hit mile 4, I thought I had hit mile 5 – bummer!!  I pushed harder.  I also started to get really hungry.  And thirsty.  I didn’t take my water bottle because I didn’t want to carry it, brilliant.  I felt much better when I finished emotionally and physically.  How does running do this?  I mean, I get it scientifically but seriously, some part of me still doesn’t understand why running resonates with me so much.  It shouldn’t.  I have never been a natural athlete.  I LOVE to read and used to always seek solace in a book.  Where did this running come from?!  Haha, I don’t know but I’m hooked.  I realized that tonight as I kept going despite the fact it was getting dark, I was tired and a mess.  I found I didn’t care about any of that.

Sorry for the lack of pics… mostly, I had some good moments by myself and feeling powerful.  Maybe kind of boring but it’s runs like these that make it feel worth it.

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