wine, running & goals, oh my!

Happy Sunday!  How is the weekend almost over already?!  I have spent my morning recovering from a fantastic night of girl talk and drinking this

Oh and see that bottle opener there?  I had to dig through several boxes in order to find it… crisis averted.

As I mentioned, the other day I did a 10k in 1:07.  Last night, I laced up again and chose a route with a mega hill considering this is waiting for me

I know, ugly, right?  But what isn’t so ugly is I finished in 1:04 – yay!  A 3 min cut in as many days.  This is a 10:19 per mile pace!  Umm… excited?  Very much so!  A couple of things I did differently from my 6.2 miler on Wednesday:  1) I carried my water bottle with a mix of water and some Gatorade.  I was pretty surprised how much I drank.  I typically don’t drink a lot of water when I am running but I drank all 16 oz before the run was even over.  I felt good throughout the run and know this helped.  2) I wore my Tough Chik visor.  Of course wearing something that says “tough chik” makes you feel tough.  But it also served as blinders of sorts and kept me focused.  It allowed me to get in the running zone!  3) Cooler temps!  Clearly, I have no control over this but man, it was amazing.  I LOVE FALL!

60’s and running are very good buddies

I did end up with a decent size blister when I got home on my foot.  I could feel it forming the second half of the run but I wasn’t going to stop!  I’ve heard people say they rub Body Glide on their feet so I’ll probably do this until my feet get more used to my shoes.  And my ipod was all messed up the entire time.  It drove me bonkers!  Shouldn’t this sucker last longer than a year and a half?!

A couple of days ago, I FINALLY started to notice a difference in my body from my increase in activity.  In my delusional state, I thought crossfit would help me shed pounds/inches IMMEDIATELY!  Apparently, when you are going to crossfit (maybe) twice a week and then running one other day then eating out several times a week inches/pounds are not lost.  With the change in my diet (I’m cooking for myself, eating more fruits and veggies) and working out more, I’ve lost 2 pounds and some inches.  I know it isn’t noticeable to anyone else but this is exactly the boost I needed to keep going.  I can feel a difference.  Is it water weight loss?  Probably.  Do I care?  Absolutely NOT!  I tried on my favorite white pants today and they fit!  I won’t wear them for another week or so considering it might be a bit indecent to wear them in public still (can you say, massively bootylicious?!) but I’m thrilled to have made this progress.

Finally, I’ve decided my goal for the marathon is sub 5 hours.  In order to do this, I need to maintain a 10:40ish min mile pace, which right now seems doable… let me emphasis the phrase, “right now“!  When I’m actually running 26.2 this goal could completely change to just finishing the damn thing.  No matter what, my nerves are playing with this complete excitement and giddiness of completing my first marathon.  When I watched Spirit of the Marathon, there was this one woman who talked about how now that she has finished one, she feels she can do anything.  While I try not to put limits on my own achievements, all too often I allow fear of failure to dissuade me from giving it a shot.  Can’t wait!


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

p.s. someone is cooking bacon in my apt complex.  I want bacon.  NOW

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