hopefully karma notices my efforts…

I’ve read a theory that “luck” doesn’t really exist as we commonly believe it does.  People are not lucky or unlucky, rather people view positive events in their lives as lucky and negative events as unlucky.  Therefore, people who make positive things happen are essentially making their own “luck”.

What do you think?  I’m not quite sure (and yes, I have simplified this “theory”).  I have definitely had very odd things happen in my life.  Many of my friends and family have said, “yeah, I don’t know why but you have weird experiences.”  So, while I believe on some levels I make my own luck, I am also convinced there is some sort of karma out there… and I have been working on making my karma just a wee bit better.  Donating my no longer used belongings, decreasing my road rage and even NOT stepping on bugs while I am walking or running are all things (amongst many others) I’m hoping will encourage karma’s grace and smiling presence.  I’ve also been working on being more grateful!  Yeah, Thankful Thursday!

1.  GUESS WHAT I FOUND YESTERDAY?!  A muscle in my arm!  I know, I couldn’t believe it either!  I looked over at my arm and flexed and was SHOCKED at the definition I saw!  We are talking about an actual bicep here people.  Don’t worry – I will always be built like a t-rex but maybe I will be a t-rex with slightly stronger arms.

it’s okay little t-rex, my arms are kinda useless too

2.  I picked up this smelly good holder

Yep, I do love some pirate business.  And it’s pink.  Sparkly.  And has a freaking bow in it’s “hair”.  Basically all kinds of love for this puppy!  Not to mention, I have a caramel apple scented disk in it so my car smells like all kinds of fall.  Yum.

3.  This morning we had a welcome breakfast for work for our entire department.  It started at 7:30 am and last night I tried on a new dress I bought back in the summer.  When I first bought it, I knew I would need to tighten up a bit before I could confidently pull it off.  Last night I tried it on and ta-da!  Success – sassy success!

yay! new dress!

4.  My favorite 10k is this weekend – the Peacock Strut is a local race and the first 10k I ever did.  I remember signing up and wondering if I would ever be able to finish it considering at the time, I had never run that far.  But with that race I found my love for distance racing.  I know a 10k isn’t super far but still it’s 6 miles!  I sometimes forget that 6 is more than what the average bear belts out in the typical day.

5.  I got a compliment from my boss today that I was doing a good job in my new position.  I know, awesome, eh?!  I was excited and it made me feel great!

6.  take a look at these temps


It’s BEAUTIFUL running weather!!!

7.  Oh yeah, there was that whole got up early and ran thing :)  YIPPEE!!

This week I’ve been really grateful for the smaller things.  Feeling stronger at crossfit, cooler mornings, my co-workers who make me laugh and friends who always look out for me.  Marathon training is completely draining me of all energy so I have to remind myself that just because I’m tired doesn’t mean life isn’t going pretty well.  I simply need a nap :)


One thought on “hopefully karma notices my efforts…

  1. Love positive attitude posts! :) I’m all about that things happen for a reason.. and when something’s meant to be, it’ll be.
    I remember my first bicep.. aww.. Sooo exciting!!! :) Congrats! ;)

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