arrrrggg mateys!

Yesterday I talked about my slump.  Today my spirits were lifted from the truly lovely comments I got yesterday.  However, I was all crabby when I got done with work today.

How do you recover from a less than stellar day at work?  Here are my suggestions:

1.  Look at this

And this

LOVE… and laughed and laughed

Seriously, last night, I laughed so hard I cried.  I looked at them again today and laughed again.  Oh man, I love that, “Kill it!  Kill it with FIRE!”  I can’t help it!  I will be laughing at that for a while!

2.  Get over your marathon training slump.  I got home from work and felt like this

man, I wanted to sleep.all.afternoon.

After I finished my run, I felt like this!

10 miles homies!

As I mentioned yesterday I was feeling pretty unsure of myself.  Then tonight I unexpectedly knocked out 10 miles.  This wasn’t my intention.  In fact, when I started I wasn’t even sure I could muster 8 and the first few miles were slow.  My legs felt like they were covered in cobwebs, my one contact was funky and my ipod is still on the fritz.  But then I found I could keep going.  And going.  I’m not going to lie, it felt FANTASTIC!  My body felt darn good as well.  So, I guess crossfit is working!  I am no longer doubting my training.  I’ll be ready.  But I was feeling so slumpy that I didn’t go to crossfit all week.  Awesome decision-making, Aim!  I have another 10 miler on the agenda and an 8 miler.  I’m looking forward to them.

3.  Wear your pirate shirt on Talk like a Pirate Day!

panty raider for life! :) arrrrg mateys

4.  Enjoy ice cream and then some peanut butter mid-afternoon.  Trust me, it was yummo!

two of my favorites

5.  Last but not least, remember some wise words from your mom.  My mom gave me this wall hanging and it says, “Never underestimate this girl”.  People underestimate me a lot.  But I underestimate myself even more.  As I was hitting up mile 7 I knew I would reach 10.  I know I will reach 26.2.  I need to stop underestimating myself because if I don’t believe in myself how can others?  So, don’t underestimate yourself either!!  Those are my wise words for the day :)

If any of these suggestions fail remember tomorrow is a new day!

3 thoughts on “arrrrggg mateys!

  1. Love your t-shirt!!! Whenever I go home from work crabby, I find that sweating out through a workout helps lift my mood. My recent obsession that is pretty non impact is putting my laptop up on my spin bike and watching hulu. We don’t have TV anymore, but now I can watch my shows and burn calories at the same time. It’s perfect!

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