thankful thursday… a day behind

***I had this post ready to go last night but then was able to help a friend in need.  I forgot to hit publish.  These things happen.  Happy Friday!!***

One thing I LOVE about Thankful Thursdays are the fact they are one step closer to Fridays!  Yippee!  Here is my list for the week!

1.  I had an important realization the other day

Yes, there are times when things are not going well and I will say something along the lines of, “I hate my life!”  The other day I realized, nope, don’t hate my life.  The situation may suck but all in all I’m a pretty lucky gal.  As a writer (ooo – I love this title!) I believe words have power.  Power over my attitude, my day and my actions and I don’t want to pollute these with negativity.  It’s unnecessary, overly dramatic and simply not true.

2.  A wedding cake!  Yep, ’tis true!  A dear family friend got married this past weekend and my mom was supposed to make the cake.  But my dad, sister and niece took the reins and did it instead.  I was so proud of them all – I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to try to fill my mom’s shoes.  My mom was incredibly talented not to mention just doing this must have brought back so many memories; I know it did for me.  The cake turned out amazing.

yep, those are (fake) cockroaches on the cake – my friend LOVES bugs :)

3.  Memories of my mom.  Due to the wedding, all of us kids (we grew up with these family friends so we have known each other practically all our lives) have been sharing stories about her.  At first it was hard for me.  The beginning of the week was tough and I was missing my mom.  Then I tried to enjoy the stories while accepting the fact they will always make me sad.  My mom was definitely a character.  She loved to learn and was wildly interested IN EVERYTHING!  One of the stories my friend shared (that my mom had taught her) was how in the days of old women used lemon wedges and crocodile poo for birth control.  I know!  She was a funny lady.

4.  Tomato soup.  I’m not kidding.  I can’t get enough of the stuff.  I ran out today and have to hit up the store tomorrow.  Whatever the reason, it’s so delish!

I’m obsessed

5.  Everything related to fall.  I am currently wearing a hoodie.  I’ve been drinking hot chocolate.  I’m saving any and all types of pumpkin recipes.  Oh and I am going to try to decorate for Halloweenie this weekend.  This makes me SUPER happy!

6.  Talk like a Pirate Day.  My official pirate name is, “Captain Spike Ned Head”.  I only answered to this all day.  Yeah, I’m not sure how I got promoted either

thanks Emily!

7.  Marathon training slump.  I’m grateful to have gone through this earlier this week.  It’s made me hugely grateful for my awesome run yesterday.  The slump also made me realize I will be able to run my marathon!  That probably sounds backwards and I should be feeling less confident-but I don’t.  I know when I toe that start line in San Fran I am going to be more than GEEKED to be running with thousands of fellow runners and my dear friend.  I might even tear up a bit – some of that emotion has already started and I still have another month.  I get this goofy grin on my face when I think about it.  Don’t be surprised if you see pictures of me bawling my eyes out from happiness!

it’s coming!!!

8.  Campus Classic!  I signed up for this bad boy today.  It’s a local 5k and it was the first race I ever ran!!  I remember thinking I was NEVER going to be able to run all 3.1.  In fact, by race day, I still had never run the full distance.  I also swore when I was finished I would never run anything longer than a 5k.  Must admit, I am very proud of how far I’ve come in my running journey.  If someone told me, running 1/2 marathons and fulls were in my future I would have laughed in their face.  Just goes to show – don’t discount what you are capable of!

my first race medal :)


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