Shoe Utopia… or Shoetopia for short.  I know it exists.  It’s this magical land where running shoes that are perfect for your feet naturally gravitate towards you as soon as you frolic through the gates.  They are the right size, shape, color and make your feet feel as though you are running on clouds.  I believe.  I want to be the mayor of Shoetopia.

After my 10 miler the other night I started to have some serious concerns about my Brooks PureFlows.  First, know that I ADORE them!  I want them to be the shoes that would follow me around Shoetopia begging me to buy them.  They would snuggle with me and bring me coffee.  Did I mention I love them?  But after the run, I had some blisters (that unfortunately were on top of other blisters from an earlier run) and  the underside of my feet hurt.  As in from the toes down to right before my arches.  My left foot definitely hurt worse than my right.  I thought maybe this was because I had worn high-heeled boots all day (YAY boot weather!) but they hurt yesterday too.  Then today, I still had a bit of residual pain.  Hmph.

Last night I spent some time looking into shoes.  Were my PureFlows not enough shoe to carry me through all 26.2?  Should I go back to my Asics 3030’s, which have been described to me as, “a lot of shoe”?  I wasn’t sure.  Last week I took the ol’ 3030’s out for a spin and realized I didn’t like them as much as I used to.  Sad.  I felt kinda bad for the little guys since they have served me so well for the last 4 years.  I hit and tried to find some that a) I liked and b) might be somewhere in the middle of my 3030’s and PureFlows.  I found these:

total sucker for these colors!

Armed with this knowledge, during my lunch I went down to Gazelle Sports – our local running store.  Whenever I walk into this store, I always wish I was a kabillionare because I would buy almost everything.  But I’m not so I usually have a mission in order not to spend funds earmarked for crazy things like bills.  After talking with the shoe guy, he felt I had probably purchased my PureFlows in one size too small which was contributing to my feet hurting and blisters.  After trying on a few different pairs of shoes my new running bff’s are:

let’s be besties, okay? oh and they are one size bigger

Do you have theme song that plays when you open the box to a new pair of shoe?  I hear the voice of Ariel that Ursula trapped in the shell around her neck.  Yes, I am strange!

The shoe guy said the PureCadence shoe is basically the shoe-child of Asics 3030 and PureFlows (if shoes, you know, got married and mated).  When I originally did my research on shoes, I think I remember looking at the PureCadence but because they were $30 more I went the cheaper route.  Live and learn, I guess.

I will be bringing my old shoes down to Gazelle because they said they can stretch them a bit.  Oh and I think the “Run Happy” campaign from Brooks is brilliant.

Last night I was going to take them for a spin but it started pouring.  Today I was going to run and this is what I woke up to.

hmm… looks a little rainy

So, I’ll probably run a short run in my PureFlows (shorter distances don’t hurt my feet as much) this afternoon when the rain lightens up a bit.  Then tomorrow I’m taking the new kicks out for a 15 miler.  I need to get some distance on these puppies!  And the color?  Fantastic!  My “sweatpink” will definitely be showing in these and my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship will be loud and proud!

Live long Shoetopia – I think I’ve found you!

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