oh me, oh my – I made it through the day!

Whew!  What a day.  It was one of those days where I should have stayed in bed.  I woke up late.  I was late for two meetings and missed one all together.  Our e-mail network was down the whole day – do you know how much we depend on e-mail to get our work completed?!  And then a bunch of other things that added up to me crying… awesome.

So, I had to reach deep to figure out what I was thankful for today.

1.  I went the whole day without uttering the stupid phrase, “I hate my life”.  If you remember, last week I talked about how I was working on stopping this phraseology.  It isn’t true or necessary.  I was proud of myself and I’m happy I’m breaking this habit.

2.  At the hotel we stayed at there was this amazing shower!  Also at night, they came into the room and turned down our beds, put an apple on the nightstand along with a bottle of water and then a bathrobe on the bed.  Lovely!  I could get used to that :)

3.  I got a great hug today from a friend who saw I was stressed.

4.  My first Tiger’s game!  Yay!

love, love, love

5.  My new headphones came and tonight I actually ran with music!  It was great!  I’ve been music-less for a couple of weeks now and I kind of missed it.  Runs are a bit more fun when I can listen to Mumford and Sons.

6.  Last week, a friend, Panty Raider and fellow blogger, Falon from Falon Does Marathon put out an announcement on twitter to some of us to join her for the Chicago marathon 2013.  I’m super excited!  There are quite a few of us already verbally committed and it’s going to be a blast!  Wanna join?!

7.  Simon was very happy to see me :)

8.  My brother is home from Vietnam and visiting with my dad!  Cool, eh?  Then they will be traveling back to Vietnam together!  I’m very excited for my dad who has never been out of the country.  My brother, sister and I have traveled a lot so I can’t wait to hear his stories.

me and my bro a few years ago – he is thrilled to show my dad all around Vietnam!

9.  Amen to this!

thank goodness!


Well, that’s all I can think of at the moment.  Not bad for a gal who earlier today wanted to crawl back into bed!  Running may have helped as well!  Now, real quick, I need ya’ll’s advice… so at the baseball game my “friend” bought me a drink and wanted me to meet up with him after at the hotel bar.  I tried to decline the drink a few times but he was insistent.  My question, did I have an obligation to meet up with him afterward?  I certainly didn’t want to be the “bitchy” chick nor did I want to lead him on.  So what are your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “oh me, oh my – I made it through the day!

  1. you know what i’m going to say….you owe this “friend” nothing. it was their choice to buy you the drink. end of story. you have every right to decline plans later on. 4 hour baseball game….drinks at a hotel bar….totally different set of plans :). btw, what hotel did you stay at that gave you an apple and water?! Happy you made it through the week chin’ cha!

  2. Never obligated to do ANYTHING when dudes buy you a drink. Especially since you tried to decline. I know a lot of men feel differently. But you should figure out if I’m a sure thing or not BEFORE you buy the drink! :)

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