buffy, the treadmill and finally getting off my *bleep*!

Right now, I’m really wishing I had an extra $1000.  Why?  Because I have been reading a few blogs and they all talk about treadmill running and I’ve decided I want a treadmill.  And an iPad so I can watch as I run.  Sounds like a good plan, right?

I’ve never seen this whole series, only episodes – it’s time to fix this

Okay, so I’ve decided to battle my own laziness by a) actually getting off my bum and going for run outside and b) settling for (a super cheap) gym membership, even though I don’t like the gym that is near me.  I’ve belonged before and it’s probably one of my least favorite places.  But craptastic weather will also be here soon and I’ve got this whole January marathon that I don’t want to suck at going on so gym it is.

this goes for race entry fees too

Funny thing is, I used to have a treadmill.  I hung my clothes off of it.  It worked great.  Then I ended up selling it and now I kind of kick myself for that decision.  Sure it was a $100 I needed at the time but it sure was a short-sighted of me.  I talked before about how much I dislike running on the ol’ ‘mill but truth is, it’s great for working on keeping a consistent pace – which I struggle with.  It’s also a much harder work out for me (probably the whole pace consistency thing).  Not to mention, doing speed sessions on them can’t be half-assed.  I do run slower on the treadmill, which is a bit harsher on my ego but I need to simply get over that.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my training.  The other day I found a new blog, It’s a dog lick baby world and I’ve inhaled her posts!  I’m fascinated with her running.  First of all, she is 8 months preggers and still pulling down 30ish mile weeks.  Second, she doesn’t make excuses as to why she can’t run – she just does it.  She talked about it a bit and said something along the lines of refusing to justify reasons NOT to run.  Brilliant.  Me?  I’ve been coming up with “justifiable” excuses for a while now and it’s time I stopped.

oh yeah, it’s hard – that’s kind of a good reason, maybe?

I never used to.  But I will say one of the major reasons I ran before was because I was kind of obsessive about not gaining weight.  It was a powerful motivator for me but in reality an oddly unhealthy one.  I’m happy my running has transcended the “only do it to lose weight” category but sometimes I miss this piece of motivation.  I think what I really miss though is feeling really strong  and less fatigued.  Guess it’s time I use those last two as reasons to get off the couch!

So, I need/want some hints or advice… how do you all battle fatigue and keep training?  What do you do to combat fatigue in the first place?  What makes you not give in to feelings of laziness?

*When I got home from my run tonight (more on this later) I got a text that said I won a $1000 gift card from Best Buy!  Had my blog wishes comes true???  Nope – scam.  Major sad face!

6 thoughts on “buffy, the treadmill and finally getting off my *bleep*!

    • I probably could but I’m thinking about adding swimming instead. The pool is really close so I will have a harder time talking myself out of that! Crossfit is a half hour away so it’s always easier to pull the whole, “I don’t have time” thing.

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