sports bras and beef and broccoli – naturally two things that go together

I FINALLY ran yesterday!  It wasn’t particularly speedy but I did manage five and half miles and skimmed in under an hour!  Yay!  Supposedly, you can feel an injury the first time you run after a marathon.  I felt decent throughout minus the slight twinge in my right hip joint.  I felt this during the marathon too and I’m guessing it’s from the hills.  Perhaps a few strength exercises will help it…

I ran around my neighborhood, which got some hills out of the way in the first 2.5 miles and then headed for downtown.  While I was there I stopped in at our local running store, Gazelle Sports.  I talked to the woman about my whole chafing issue since I have a 1/2 this weekend.  She had some good info to share and I will be heading back down there this week to try something else.  She also told me if I have chafing issues this weekend when I wear it I can bring it back.  Umm… they are going to want this back?!

I wonder how they would resell this?

It is nice though – as you all know, sports bras are $$$!  I also think I can still get by on my training runs with my current sport bras (at least until the girls shrink back down a bit – hormones are not my friends).  It also seems like when I am getting ready for a race I bloat more than normal and this is when I have more issues.  Whichever one I do buy, I’m going to only use for my longest runs.

oh yeah, I feel ya, cat

Good thing I’m working on inhaling less carbs!  Actually, this weekend I was reading blogs and someone had a picture of cinnamon rolls.  That was almost too much for me!  Haha, I love making the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for hot cross buns (with only the cinnamon) and these did a lovely dance in my mind.  Instead I finally made this

this was super tasty!

I followed this recipe but I added water chestnuts (because they are awesome), mushrooms and edamame.  I was happy with myself.  Oh!  I also fancied it up with some sesame seeds.  I then made my favorite sweetened up sweet potato dish for dessert. Unfortunately, these also happened

These are funfetti cupcakes for my sweet friend who always looks after Simon when I am out of town.  What?  Don’t your baked goods call to you?

I had the beef and broccoli again last night and it was just as tasty as the first round.  And filling.  The nice thing is, there are enough leftovers for two more meals.  So folks, I recommend it!  Plus, you can just crock it so very handy!

One thought on “sports bras and beef and broccoli – naturally two things that go together

  1. I would love that beef broccoli too- with water chestnuts. I love adding water chestnuts to my food. Well not everything, but a lot of things.
    Glad that you got in a good run. It is always hard to run again after a marathon. At least it has been for me in the past. Your 1/2 this weekend will seem so easy after just running 26.2! :-)

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