I love halloweenie

Happy Halloweenie!

My mom LOVED Halloweenie!  It was her favorite holiday and she always went all out.  Example:

I rest my case!

She made both my sister’s and my costumes and of course, her own.  We were decked out every year.  Since we didn’t live in a neighborhood full of kids, we would trick or treat in a different neighborhood with family friends and the moms would stay back and hand out candy to all of the trick or treaters.

As we got too old to trick or treat, she would make the BEST bags of goodies for all of the kiddies – they loved coming to our house.  Mom would find the grossest candy she could find (gummy brains, gummy earwax – whatever) and they would love it!

Today has been kind of up and down for me, since it’s the first Halloween without mom.  I did “dress up” a bit for work though

I was trying to show my socks… not sure what’s going on with my arms though!

I think people made fun of me but I’m sure I made my mom proud!  Haha, she loved it when I pulled stuff like this!  So, it was nice to remember her this way.

On the running front, I headed to the gym tonight to partake in some indoor running.  Oh yeah… I don’t like indoor running.  Oh well.  I ran half a mile around the indoor track and then jumped on the treadmill for a “speed” session.  I did 2 miles in 19:30, which is a 9:45 pace!  Then I finished the mile on the track.  I didn’t feel great when I was trying to finish the mile on the track so when I got done I walked two laps.  I started to run after this to finish it out but then I had a bad dizzy spell and decided I needed to walk the rest of the mile.

I shouldn’t be surprised by the dizzy spell.  I’ve been playing it fast and loose with my meds recently.  I know it’s not wise but my meds make me tired 24/7 so sometimes I “forget” to get the refill on time.  Me=dumb.  Plus, Motrin 800’s dehydrate me quickly so this is a possibility as well.  Despite my head feeling crappy, I’m pleased with the speed session and looking forward to charting progress.  I already know it would have been tough a few weeks ago to sustain that pace for the whole two miles.  Progress is a beautiful thing friends!

Hope you have a fun holiday!

I shouldn’t be allowed to use sharp things

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