spotted cow, tyranena, & panty raiders

Oh my… I had a freakin’ AWESOME weekend!  Seriously, as I was driving back yesterday, I kept randomly smiling because of all the fun times that were had!

yay reunion!

But let’s back up a bit… on Friday I drove to the fascinating land of WI.  Actually, I am not being a jerk – I love WI.  I have romanticized it a bit, I’m sure, but it’s one of my favorite places.  Everytime I’ve gone there, whether for work or pleasure I’ve had a great time.  Lucky for me, my friend let me borrow her GPS so I didn’t even get lost.  This is HUGE people!  I always get lost.  And stressed.  And sweaty – eww.

I got to Rachel‘s (a.k.a. the best hostess ever) and we waited a bit for Falon and Flaherty to arrive.  As I mentioned, it was our Ragnar team’s reunion weekend.  Panty Raiders invaded WI!  Once there, we headed out to carb load for the 1/2 the next morning.  We ended up at a bar where I discovered this


and rounded it out with some pizza for the win.  This is my new favorite beer.  I’m working on my beer education and Spotted Cow has a podium spot for sure.  I’ve never had a beer the night before a race… might become a new fueling tradition

Falon and I got a bed and proceeded to slumber party it up middle school style!  Yes… we stayed up late giggling.  It was perfect.

my super fun slumber party buddy

The race didn’t start until 11:30 am on Saturday so there was time for coffee and a bagel.  It dawned on me that I was running 13.1 miles.  I had only ran twice since the marathon and I was getting slightly nervous.  On the drive over, I had decided I was going to push the pace despite being under trained so I could prove to myself I could do it.  After some Panty Raider reunion hugs and pictures it was time to get this sucker moving.

time to run!

First of all… I don’t think people liked being passed by women wearing frilly undies on the outside of their pants.  It was odd – I think everyone thought I would be their “road kill” but I held my own.  The course was beautiful.  And hilly.  I hadn’t looked over the course at all since I was buying my bib from an injured runner (thanks Alicia!) so I didn’t realize mile 3 was all up and down, including a lovely steep one.  Well played Tyranena, well played!  Yes, I did utter these words as I dug deep to get to the top!

these signs always made me happy

I kept a 10 – 10:15 min pace for a while and then moved to a 10:30 as the miles kept passing.  I was concerned I would totally crash before the end but I was determined to keep pushing.  I always have this thought to hold back and I want to get rid of this mental barrier.  Mile 7 was tough for me – just getting tired.  Then miles 11 and 12 felt like doom!  By that time, I sunk into the 11 min mile pace but I was happy I had lasted as long as I had.  My teammates were on the corner yelling that the finish line was right around the corner and I “sprinted” for the end.  The good thing?  I really had left everything on the course – my sprint speed was not terribly fast!  My final time was 2:21.  My garmin said the race was 13.23 with the same finish time so I’ll keep that stat!

I didn’t bring my handheld and I really wish I had.  There were 4 water stops and I could have easily used 2 more.  After shoveling a yummy lasagna post race meal (yes, this was provided!) and a delish Tyranena blonde ale we headed back to Rachel’s house.  And to this!

these medals are HUGE! this tasty drink is a pineapple upside down cake – pineapple juice and cake vodka, very tasty!

The rest of the evening was spent chatting, laughing and partaking in both liquid and solid carbs.  I had so much fun!  We ventured out to a local bar where we were practically celebrities.  I was a hot ticket that night with some of the mens and it was not only just really fun but flattering as well.  We finally rolled in at some wee dark hour of the night and I went to sleep with a huge smile on my face.  I loved the feeling of accomplishment from pushing my body 13 miles.  I loved the feeling of camaraderie with women who I’ve shared a stinky van with, fun blog stories and all kinds of run-talk with.  It was wonderful.

ohhh – Rachel, you kind of got cut off – boo!

Oh!  I totally forgot!  I grabbed a (mini) cup of beer from the unofficial beer station along the course!  I probably won’t ever do it again but it was fun to be able to say, “I did that!”

Yep, a total winner of a weekend.  There will be more Panty Raider reunions in the future – I’m excited already!

for your viewing pleasure…

kim was the first panty raider I met – I answered her call for a ragnar teammate on her blog! so glad I did!
yeah – the dudes had a lil’ thing for me… it was pretty funny!
nope – I have no idea but this pic cracked me up!

thanks for the pics Rachel, Kim and Kim!



5 thoughts on “spotted cow, tyranena, & panty raiders

  1. My right eye looks really good in that picture from the bar.

    All the Edgerton dudes have been asking me when you’ll come back and dance with them again. I think you broke their hearts. Seriously, I am so happy you made the trip over for the weekend. It was a blast and a half! Please come and visit again!

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