whooha gear review… be prepared – the contents of this post are highly addictive!

This review is a bit overdue.  But I had a problem… I wanted it to be the most PERFECT review EVER!  Why?  Because that is how much I absolutely adore this hoodie!

The incredible and inspirational women over at Whooha Gear sent me this lovely purple “I Run” hoodie a couple of months ago and I have seriously put it through the ringer.  It has traveled across the country with me.  It has curled up on the couch with me.  It has sweated through a run with me.  And it has even hung out at a drinking establishment with me.  Yes, I am sure people are starting to wonder if I have any other article of clothing!

Let us begin at the beginning…Whooha started in the deserts of Las Vegas when two women, Amy and Julie, met while doing what they love, mountain biking. They soon became fast friends and through encouragement and coaxing (or should we say peer pressure) began pursuing many other activities like running, road biking, triathlons. (from their site)

Two of my favorite aspects of this company are that it was started by two women looking to inspire and celebrate others and they are ATHLETES.  They know what is comfortable, what many of us are looking for and expect from our performance gear and frankly, what’s cute!  Plus, I totally dig their company name:

Women Having Optimistic Objectives & Healthy Attitudes – W.H.O.O.H.A

I first saw the hoodie over on TooTallFritz’s site and I did my best to win it.  I was unsuccessful.  And heartbroken.  Getting the opportunity to review and share it and this awesome company with all of you made my day!

I was able to pick what I wanted to review.  This was a tough choice for sure.  I couldn’t decide – did I want the long sleeve t with the super cute heart in the center?  Did I want one of the Miles to Go  (this one is on my Christmas list!) shirts since at the time I was gunning for my first full?  Finally, I chose the desperately cute “I Run” hoodie.

the color is a little softer than portrayed here…

Okay before I get to the mushy aspect of why I chose this, let me tell you about some of the concrete details

1.  this quite possibly is one of the softest articles of clothing I own

2.  I opened it up in an office full of women and we all “ooo-ed” and “aaahhh-ed” over the vibrant purple color

3.  at first I thought it might be a little big – but I really like how it fits.  The bottom is elastic but this is the only aspect that is fitted.

4.  the material is thinner than I expected.  This makes it a great layering piece.  Seriously, it’s that perfect long sleeve to help transition from summer to fall and fall to winter.  I also wear it all the time in my apt when I need something extra to keep me warm.

5.  I like that’s not a bulky hoodie – you can actually tell I am still a woman!

6.  The arms are longer.  I hate it when smaller sizes have sleeves that are too short.  I can’t tell you how often I have to make it a 3/4 length because the sleeves don’t reach past my bony little wrists.  This is NOT an issue with this hoodie!

here is the full text on the hoodie – I LOVE it!

A couple of things to note

1.  I have not put this in the dryer.  I’m not afraid to but I’m cheap and air dry as much as possible right now.  I have a feeling it would only get softer when/if I do

2.  I wore this on a couple of runs for the sake of the review.  But honestly, I love it so much that I wear it much more often when I’m NOT running!

Finally the mushy part of this review…

I love the saying on this hoodie.  Everytime I wear it, I feel like an athlete.  My road to athleticism has been a long (and not always so successful) one.  Running resonates with me like no other sport has and I love that I can show this off with this hoodie.  As many of us know, whether it be running, swimming, biking or walking, when we find that thing that speaks to part of who we are we want to talk about it and share it with those around us.  I’ve gotten tons of compliments on this sweatshirt and when people take the time to read the front it’s one more way I can share my passion with them.

Plus I feel like I look damn cool!

I am wearing a medium if that helps at all. this was at the NWM and a bunch of ppl asked where they could get one – whooha gear baby!

So, either add this to your holiday wish lists or heck, buy something for that runner, biker, IM-er in your life!  Trust me, it will be their favorite gifty!

p.s. I highly recommend adding the Whooha Gear page to your facebook “likes” and/or twitter feed.  They post super inspirational pictures!  In fact, I have been so inspired I’m considering signing up for a 33.1 mile trail race!  Not to mention they have let me know there are going to be some great Thanksgiving sales!

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