treats for my tummy and my feet!

So I realize there are 100’s of posts out there right now talking about how grateful they are and I will do that.  Tomorrow.  I’ll do it in pics so then you won’t have to use your tired, overstuffed brain too much!

Today?  Probably just a few ramblings… like many, I am super grateful to have a few days off.  I’ve done a better job than in past years taking time off that I need but having a real life structured break is simply kind of awesome.  I took this afternoon off and I plan to do the following: bake, run and  bake some more.  Turns out, I got lazy and will just be baking these three things over the next few days.  Let me show you what I will be baking:

1. Pumpkin pie.  Yes, boring but still ever so tasty.  A classic.  I hated pumpkin pie for YEARS!  Then one day I actually tried it and I’m fairly certain I fought my dad for the last piece.

2.  Pumpkin pie MUFFINS!  Yes, can you see the theme?  These are muffins with pumpkin pie INSIDE!  I know… food heaven.  Actually, the nutrition stats aren’t terrible and the recipe has a lot of healthier alternatives.  170 for a muffin?  Not too shabby when you are splurging!

these look sooooo delish!

3.  Ummm… okay, these are in no way shape or form good for you… they are Cinnamon Roll cookie bars.  LOOK AT THIS PIC!  I’m kind of obsessed with cinnamon rolls.  I love them.  If it were possible to simply make one then I would be a happy camper.  I am going to make these but have plans to give many away.  Or eat the whole pan… who knows!

I might be slightly excited to make these!

Click on the top two pics for the recipes!

I’m super excited for my run tomorrow  – why?  These babies came in!


Last week (!! crazy mad shipping Mizunos, you rock!) my dear friend Meagan won a pair from FasterBunny.  When she logged on, Mizunos gave a second pair to give to someone else and that someone was ME!  Yes, I felt incredibly special.

thanks M – you are the bomb! btw, we need a new running pic!

After some very thorough research online and through twitter (it’s very scientific!) as well as a quick visit to my local running store, I decided on the Inspires 9.  They were really comfy and I am looking for a shoe with a bit more cushion, a bit of stability and of course some flair for my longer runs.  I can’t wait to run in these!

I would say the only odd thing is they feel sort of big.  As I mentioned, I tried them on and in normal shoes I wear a 7.5.  In many running shoes I wear an 8.  In both these and my Brooks PureCadence I wear an 8.5.  I ran up and down the sidewalk today and they feel pretty good.  Tomorrow will be the real test.

Okay, have I bored you enough?  Happy Thanksgiving eve!

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