a (mostly) pictorial thankful thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  I love the focus on giving thanks, eating (!), hanging with family and then eating some more.  While I adore Christmas, Thanksgiving simply doesn’t have the same chaotic atmosphere that Christmas has.  Did I mention the good eats?!  Many of my favorites in one day!

I am super grateful this year.  It’s been a really tough year – as in if 2013 is anything like 2012 I’m moving to a cabin in the woods.  BUT rays of sunlight DID occur and it’s important to remember them!

Family – of course!

Running – and everything/everyone it has brought to my life

Friends (not all of whom are pictured) who have been never-ending fountains of support


My new job

Focusing on reducing debt and spending more money on experiences rather things… like traveling!!

not giving into some of those bitter jaded feelings that tug at me sometimes

This blog!!

this was the first pic I used!!

Thanks to everyone to stops by – your encouragement, support and comments mean the world to me!  You all are helping me achieve my dream of being a writer!

Have a wonderful day!  I’m headed out for a run in a few minutes and then making some tasty dinner.  Then relaxing… non-stop – YAY!

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