me not so smart and two challenges for the week!

***Sorry this post is late!  It was ready to go this morning… then today happened.  I should have stayed in bed!

I like to think I am fairly intelligent.  I read a lot, am able to think critically and know that not everything on the internet is true.  Buuuut sometimes my decision-making skills don’t fall under the category heading of “smart”.  Last night was one of those times.

All of last week, I had been feeling kind of crummy.  I’m sure some of it was stress-induced but the plague (or what I’ve deemed is the plague) is going around the office currently, so I think I had a touch of that.  The whole weekend, I was dealing with the stomach flu – boo!  Yesterday, I felt a bit better and felt that going for a run was important.  You know, this whole thing is happening soon and a my weekly mileage total was weak.

I put this as the wallpaper on my phone too
I put this as the wallpaper on my phone too

Okay, this was a terrible idea.  It was cold and misting out.  At mile 1.5 I was pretty sure I was going to throw up.  After managing NOT to redecorate the street, I plugged on, determined.  Why?  I have NO IDEA!  What was I trying to prove?  But in my mind, I kept thinking how some miles were more important in the long run than not feeling well.  Who knows, maybe it was a good lesson that I can carry on when I feel like hell but I am not totally convinced.

it's a fashion statement... albeit not a good one.  I have no idea where their mates are!
it’s a fashion statement… albeit not a good one. I have no idea where their mates are!

I do think I would have wondered if I could have run… my brain likes to play silly tricks on me and I’m sure I would have entertained some internal not-so nice talk about being wimpy.  Of course when I got back, I didn’t feel better and in fact, worse than I had in the morning.  Oh and I managed 6 miles because you know, that was the SMART thing to do!

Well, now that you know you are reading the blog of a slightly deranged woman, it’s time for the challenge of the week!  We are going to mix things up this week with two types of challenges.  The first one is going to be to do a 10 min meditation session (shoot for 15 to 20 mins if you are able!  But I wanted this to be manageable and something we all could do) 3 times this week!  Hopefully, this will add some tranquility to your holiday season!

The other four days, I want to repeat the ab work out from last week.  I really liked it.  Well, I didn’t like it but I know I need it.  Burpees sincerely suck but I also know they add some “oomph” and I need it!  Here it is again:  10 push ups, 30 sit ups, 10 burpees and a .30 second plank!  If you are feeling stronger, up all of them by 5!  Or repeat it twice!

My goal is to lose 5 lbs in the next 5 weeks – right in time for the Disney World marathon.  I know losing weight while training isn’t the easiest but I also know my training has been a bit lackluster so there is definitely room for improvement!  Besides, my dad has been working hard (he has lost over 30 lbs this last year!) and my sister and brother-in-law eat mostly paleo so I will be surrounded with healthy eaters.  For at least 2 of those weeks at least!  The rest of the time it’s going to be up to me…

yes... I must put this away - this waffle iron was a smart and dumb purchase for this carb-aholic!
yes… I must put this away – this waffle iron was a smart and dumb purchase for this carb-aholic!

3 thoughts on “me not so smart and two challenges for the week!

  1. Great challenges for the week. I could take up the meditation part of it. I have been so stressed, it is ridiculous. I am now obsessed with core work; I do 15-25 minutes at least 6 days a week. I want a freaking 6 pack and wish that they were easier to come by!
    I hope that you are feeling better!

    • You ARE going to have a six pack! Boo to the stress! That is the pits! I know there is never a good time for stress but the holiday season is never pleasant. I hope it eases up or the ab work helps to diffuse it!

  2. AMY!!! Yes– if you feel sick DON’T WORKOUT!!! Goof!!!!! I do the same thing, though. I would’ve mentally yelled at myself for being a wimp. But, it’s NOT wimpy!!! Sometimes your body just needs a rest!

    Anyway– hope you’re feeling better!!!!!!

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