new hair on the horizon

This is a tough week for me.  On Dec. 16th, it will be the year anniversary (what’s the right here?) of my mom’s passing.  On the 14th it will be a year since I last talked to her.  So, every time I sit down to write, I am faced with either posting about this depressing stuff or BLANK.  Yep, me, writer’s block.  I never have writer’s block!  I don’t want to be a total downer of a blogger so today we are going to talk about haircuts!

Yep, it’s not super important and it helps to relieve some of the pressure I have built for myself.  Oh yeah, and it’s fun!  Here are the options:

hairstyle number 1hairstyle number 2hairstyle number 3

hairstyle number 4

Well, clearly, they are all a variation of the same cut!  To be honest, it’s basically what I have now.  So, maybe I simply like how they are styled?  My hair stylist is amazing – I just love her, and I’m going to bring these pics in to see what we can do.  She will also show me how to style it.  I really appreciate how in the first pic, the woman’s hair is piece-y but still compliments her natural wave.  My hair is curly but when it’s shorter it’s less so.  But I have a wave that I want to learn to work with.  Either I goop it up for curls (which isn’t always bad) or I straighten it (I’ve been really lazy lately) or I pull it back in pig tails.  I would love another option!

Want to know what other non-earth shattering things I have been doing?  I’ve been watching Alias like it’s my job!  I have the biggest girl-crush on Jennifer Garner!  I love how she is both cute and hot.  Oh and she kicks some major booty.  I always appreicated how strong she was in this show.  I’d like to think we would be friends!  I will say, I was thinking of naming my daughter Violet WAY before she did though!

yes, back in the day when this first came out, I had this desire to do my hair the same color.  I didn't
yes, back in the day when this first came out, I had this desire to do my hair the same color. I didn’t

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