cuties are delish and hey, it’s really cold outside!

After getting back from WA, I had to make a trip to the grocery store.  Ugh – it’s such a pain to go to the store after you get back from vacation.  I know, totally a wimpy thing to complain about but I used to have to grocery shop for my job and I was typically there 2 or 3 times a week.  Now, I boycott the grocery store until the VERY.LAST.MINUTE.

While I was in WA, I stocked up on yogurt and tangerines.  Yum.  If you are on the west coast and have access to Lucerne products, you should check out their yogurt – it was delish!  I came back here and put both of those things on my “need now” list.  Unfortunately, these two things happened:

check out that date!  I bought these on the 1st of Jan.  I did eat this one but I also purchased one from dec. 23rd!  whaaa??
check out that date! I bought these on the 1st of Jan. I did eat this one but I also purchased one from dec. 23rd! whaaa??

I was disappointed and will take back the 23rd one.  Then I was super excited for my oranges – I am a HUGE fan of “Cuties“.  I am here to declare there is a difference!  Not just any ol’ clementine will do!  So, I broke out my oranges after eating an out of date yogurt

photo evidence of a a poor piece of fruit!
photo evidence of poor piece of fruit!

Boo.  I must admit, lunch wasn’t so great that day!  Well, then I looked at the box and I didn’t buy “Cuties” I bought “Clem ‘n Tina’s”.  Whaaaa?!  The boxes look so freakin’ similar!  Tricky Clem ‘n Tina, tricky.

In other news, coming back to snow and ice has been interesting in the running realm.  I went out on Jan. 1 to a lovely 25* day.  Yesterday I put in 6.02 miles and while the temp said 30* with the windchill it was 18* – brrrr!  Man, did I feel that wind!  I always wonder what other people wear when they run so here was my get-up:

under armour running hoodie
under armour running hoodie
jacket my dad got me from costco and a merril hat my sis got me for christmas
jacket my dad got me from costco and a merrell hat my sis got me for christmas

Then I had some winter tights on as well along with a pair of SmartWool socks.  Under the hoodie, I was wearing a short sleeve tech shirt as well.  So the Under Armour hoodie I got for Christmas two years ago.  It’s great.  It’s very light-weight but warm.  There is a fleece-y lining and the hood is very handy, mostly to help keep my neck warm.

My dad just bought me this Costco jacket this Christmas.  I put it on in the store was liked it right away.  If you have a Costco near you I would SPRINT to pick one up!  It has THREE pockets!  I know, crazy business right there!  I love the color I got and they had a royal bluish/purple, a hot pink and black.  I’ve worn it both days of running outside and while I did need to add the layers underneath, both my dad and I were impressed with how warm it was.  The sleeves are long enough (and I have monkey arms), the thumb holes aren’t too tight and you can also fold over part of the sleeve for a whole mitten effect.  Oh!  It’s longer than many jackets so it covers the hiney quite well and it’s stretchy.  The price?  $24.99.  See what I mean?  Get there quick.  I bought a medium.

This is also the first winter I went with SmartWool.  I never really thought they were necessary but I was incorrect!  My feet always get cold when I run and in the past I have doubled up on socks.  With my Mizuno Inspires, my feet get even colder since they are fairly mesh-y.  I’ve been quite pleased with this purchase, even though it was kind of expensive.  My local running store was having a deal luckily so that helped.

I think that’s about it from this home front… I do have a marathon next weekend.  I can’t believe it.  Haha, I am definitely not ready but thrilled for the experience.  I am fairly confident I will finish (where does this ego come from?!) and it would icing on the cake if I get a PR!  Haha, I would laugh but it would still be pretty rockin’!  I’m sure I’ll talk more about this later…

3 thoughts on “cuties are delish and hey, it’s really cold outside!

  1. I adore that hat! I need one for sure! Cuties are delish, I get them all the time and have been tricked by the “off” brands as well. =)

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