fitness glory? nope but challenge mondays are back

Sickness invaded my household!  I know I am not the only one and these posts are being written all over the internets.  Mine has been a bit different – a headache everyday since last Sunday and then stomach issues all weekend.  No fun.

The headaches run in the family and we all try to pinpoint what causes them so we can avoid those things like the plague!  I narrowed it down to the following:

-Vast amounts of delicious WA Pacific Northwest Coffee… oh how I love thee!

possibly the one pic in this post!
possibly the one pic in this post!

-Sleeping like garbage all last week and still being on west coast time as opposed to jumping on board with all the eastern standard time folk

-An obnoxious contact!  Oh man, one eye has been giving me grief for about two weeks.  Finally, like any truly intelligent person, I switched them out.

-Boycotting water… I’m so rebellious I didn’t even realize I was doing this!

In all actuality, it was simply one giant headache that started last Sunday and never really went away.  Typically, I would really start to feel it in the evenings.  Then it reached peak performance (really, well done on that, headache!) on Saturday afternoon.  One vicodin and later a headache pill, I was finally feeling better.  Sunday, I had some faint pains passing through but I pretended to know how to do Biofeedback and got it under control.  So yay!  No more headache!

The flu symptoms might be attributed to the fact that I may have undercooked my winner-winner-chicken-dinner on Friday night.  Oops.

During the height of my desperation on Saturday I sent a tweet asking for any home headache remedies.  One of the responses I got was avoiding MSG.  Now, I knew MSG is to be avoided but I didn’t know it triggered migraines.  I started doing some “research” (read half of a bunch of articles on the internet) and this stuff is bad news!  I found a site, and I recommend it if you want to delve further into your food ingredients.

HOWEVER!  And please heed my warning… If you are not interested in knowing very detailed, very specifically what ingredients are made of, then don’t dig into this site!  I’m not sure I will be eating gelatin any time soon (and it’s in some of my yogurt – weird).  But it was helpful for me since MSG can now be included under “natural flavors” (total bogus) and other strange names/categories.  It would be tough for me to cut all MSG out of my diet – it is that pervasive, but I can attempt to cut down. does require you to register in order to look at ingredients, which I found annoying but I made my profile private and will only use it to look at ingredients in food.  The website also gives grades to each food and sometimes I didn’t agree with it so make sure to look at why it got the grade it did.  They have the “good” and “bad” about each product and I did find this helpful.

*Challenge Monday!  Yay!  This has been on hiatus considering the holiday and my general laziness.  But this is what I have on the docket for the week:

*12 circle crunches – on each side

*15 burpees

*15 pushups

*15 supermans (scroll down and there is a good description of this move)

repeat x3 (x2 whatever you can do!)

What is a circle crunch?  Well, a few weeks ago, I was laying in bed thinking of some moves for these challenges and the circle crunch was born.  Sit on the floor,  bend your knees and keep your feet on the floor.  Lean back so you are contracting your stomach muscles.  Then move in a circular motion.  I thought I was brilliant!  Then I saw it in Shape magazine a few days later.  DAMN!  I missed my chance at fitness glory…  I spent some time looking for the link on Shape but they haven’t posted it yet.  So I found a different link above if my instructions are a bit murky.  Have fun!

3 thoughts on “fitness glory? nope but challenge mondays are back

  1. Circle crunches sound hard, but fun. I will need to add them to my core work routine that I try to do at least 5 days a week. :-)

    My hubby gets really bad headaches too and so does his mom. I always feel so bad when he has them. I have been lucky enough to not experience them frequently. I hope that you start feeling better soon!

    • Thanks Tasha – I am feeling better. The family headache thing is a total drag, as I am sure your hubby has mentioned. And yes, the circle crunches are really hard, haha! BUT, you could probably knock them out since you are getting a 6-pack – wahooo

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