a bit on biggest loser and a cool techy device

While I was running tonight (last night) I wrote a whole post that was really funny.  Then I sat down to write it and my mind is BLANK!  Haha, love it when that happens!  I can’t even remember what I was thinking about…

OH WAIT!  Phew, it just came to me…

As I mentioned on my facebook page (oh whaaa?  not a fan – by all means, pause this and hit the good ol’ thumbs up!) I have mixed feelings on The Biggest Loser.

1.  I am not much for reality shows.  Typically, I get really embarrassed for the contestants.  For example, I caught the end of the Bachelor last night and the girl who was kicked off was from Detroit and she made me mortified we were from the same state.

2.  It’s not very realistic as far as weight loss is concerned and it being applicable to everyone else who isn’t on the ranch and wants to lose weight.

3.  Ugggghhhh – could everyone have vomited MORE?!  Also, (I know I am not a professional but…) when the contestants are put in the gym for the first time and they were WORKED! – is this safe?

Nevertheless, on Monday night one of the trainers was talking to the contestant and said, ” You would make time for dialysis, wouldn’t you?”  Actually, I think they said chemotherapy but you get my point.  I have thought about this a lot and it’s a GREAT perspective!  So even though I wanted my comfy sweats, I opted for the gym after work – yay!  I am not sure exactly why this has clicked with me so well but it has and I am going with it!

Other than spending time in front of the tv watching other people lose weight (irony?) I am getting ready for the Disney World marathon!  Whoop whoop!  Wait – does watching Biggest Loser make anyone else want to eat?  Just me?  Okay, good, glad we got that cleared up!  I am totally not packed nor do I have a black tech shirt for my outfit on Sunday.  I am breaking one of the first rules of running about not wearing anything new.  I am in fact, wearing almost all new stuff – I figure I might as well go big.  Not to mention, when I stroll in at 10 hours, at least I have an excuse!

By the way, have you seen these?  And if you have, how could you not tell me about them?!

how freakin' cool are these?!
how freakin’ cool are these?!

Oh yes, indeedy, these are iPod slap bracelets!  Why do I not have one of these?  And get this – they are cheap!  $24 smackers!  My birthday is coming up and I may have to get myself an early present!

3 thoughts on “a bit on biggest loser and a cool techy device

    • Haha.. awesome. That’s where my boyfriend I were at last season.. then one day when they were running the marathon, we were junking it on the couch watching it on the DVR and got the crazy idea to go run.. at midnight. lol.
      Love the show!

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